Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need to remember.

This last Sunday we went over to Tyson's parents house for dinner. When we got there my mother in law asked if I had heard about the story of a little boy-- around my son's age that drowned and was in the hospital. I hadn't heard about it at all.

So, she showed me the blog. It's a family from Northern Utah.
The mother tells the story with a lot of detail.
Story starts here.
Or you can just go to there main blog here.
Or just copy and paste this web address: http://stakerzxposed.blogspot.com/

It made me realize how often I take advantage of my son's health, how often I leave him unattended "Just to hurry and do this one thing".
It has been a real eye opening experience for me to live through her eyes, and take her ( the mother's) actions and imagine if this was me in her shoes, imagine what I'd be doing/thinking. I am so happy and grateful to have such a healthy son... He is my world. He is my husbands world. We could not be happier to have him in our lives.

Thanks Staker Family for sharing this experience with the world and teaching people, like me, to appreciate things more... as well as teaching me to leave the un made bed and laundry for ten more minutes and give my son my full attention.
I know this must have been one of the biggest trials for there family, but I couldn't thank Sara (the mother) enough for teaching me this valuable lesson. She is so candid in her blog. It's been neat to read all that she has to say about the experience.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

twilight!!! haha.

My husband sent me this...
Think he was trying to tell me something?
This was filmed here in ST.G Utah! :) haha...... classic.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

And he's almost TWO!

Parks LOVES Daddys Vroom Vroom a.k.a. Motorcycle. He climbs on it constantly. It's his favorite thing in the Garage hands down.
Here's just a few photos from the last month.
The photo of him standing on the chair in the kitchen has a cute story behind it.

Tyson and I were getting ready for Church in the bedroom and Parks was watching cartoons in the living room. I decided I'd better go check on him, so I went into the living room, and found Parks in the kitchen eating a cupcake. He had pushed the chair into the kitchen, climbed up and was eating the cupcake. When I walked into the kitchen, He looked at me, smiled, and then said "Hi Ma, mmmm... num num" and held the cupcake up. I just started laughing, grabbed the camera and got a picture to remember the story. :)

Things to remember about this age:
*He's VERY active and VERY busy.
*He likes to snuggle at night.
*He HATES to get his teeth brushed.
*He loves to look at and read books.
*His all time favorite treat is an Oreo cookie.
*His favorite thing to say is "what's that?"
*He loves to be outside.
*He is signing and saying more and more words. Now he signs "shoes, food, mike and more" the most.
*Mint ice cream is one of his favorite's... just like his momma!
*He says "no" clear as day and very often.
*He completley understands what I say, he just doesn't like to listen.
*He loves to push the vaccum around the house.
*He wants to be very independent.
*He shy's away from me taking pictures of him.
*He loves to be chased.
*His favorite veggie probably has to be Pea's.