Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here's a laugh for today!

If you don't listen to anything else today, listen to this one. This will definitely make you laugh! Turn on your sound and click on the website below. The accident occurred in the Dallas -Ft. Worth area. This is a phone call from a man who witnesses the accident involving four elderly women. It was so popular when they played it on CHUM- FM, they put it on their website. The guy's laugh is contagious. Just close your eyes and picture what he sees.

Monday, October 27, 2008

People who influence. RIP Grandpa

Growing up I was VERY blessed to have had such an amazing influences in my life. I had one huge influence in my life who only lived across the street from me for about 7 years or so. Little did I know how much this person meant to me... until he passed away and I began reading his journals. Still to this day, I can remember him sitting at the kitchen table reciting what he was writing out loud and typing away at his type writer..thats right people, type writer. He was not one to love the computer. I think he thought that they were much to confusing.

This man was my step grandfather, yet the only grandfather whom was really in my life. My dad's mother, Francis Beth Bussberg, married Herbert Walter Gellert on April 27th, 1985. Herb, & one of my hero's, describes my grandmother as the "rich widow whom loved jazz". My grandmother was introduced to Herb through my Grandmothers niece, Marry Lou Whipple.

There are many reasons why I admire this man. I will name a few as I go along. For those of you who are reading this, it may sound boring, or I may seem to jump around. I guess, this entry is more or less, just for me. :)

I admire Herb for his funny lines, although I think when he said what he was saying he did not intend for it to be a "funny". As he describes himself in a journal entry he writes "My growth record seems normal. When I eat to much, I gain too much, I gain and my pants don't fit."

One story that I really liked in his journal entries was as follows: "Let me illustrate some experiences of my love for Temple Work. It was during a severe rainstorm in Hawaii, the flood water was intruding into our family room at 55431 Naniloa Loop, Laie, Hawaii and I was desperate, placing the piano and furniture on cement blocks. As there was nothing else to do but pray, I went into the small bathroom, got on my knees and promised the Lord I would do 100 names in the temple tomorrow if the rain would stop! The rain increased! How about 200, 300, 500 ( thunder and lightening answered my plea) so I held my breath and said, "I will do a 1000 names" and immediately the rain decreased and finally stopped. I was overcome with joy, swept the dirty water out of the family room and replaced the furniture. The very next day I began to fulfill my promised to do the work for a 1000 deceased. Needless to say, I needed help. The following Sunday, Bishop put me in charge of recruiting patrons for our Laie II ward temple obligations for the year. I asked the temple how many "bodies" were needed for endowments, Initiatory, and sealing for each assignment, then I created a calendar with the correct blanks with their names and their spouses name to fulfill the assignment on the date they could attend. I would follow up with a phone call reminder of there obligation and it worked like a charm. I believe the Savior accepted this activity and my thousand names were completed shortly thereafter and the Bishop was pleased too."

A few other things that really drew me to my grandpa was the he served not one, or two-- but four missions. Personally I find that to be quite an accomplishment. The leads me to one more entry where he shares " I gained my testimony by sleeping in Carthridge jail, My having faith in my Patriarchal Blessing which told me that for every dollar I gave to the church, it would be returned several hundred fold......." He goes on to say in another entry " The missionary program fascinates me. Here are 19 year old boys away from there "fun and games" and put them out in the world to face hostile experiences, meet new people and situations daily, pay their own expenses, learn new languages, and stay away from loved one's for two years, and develop a testimony of what they are "selling". One must have to dig deep into his souls to come up with answers about the meaning of life ans what is really important. These are things you don't learn in college but are learned by one the job training as in bearing their testimony. I will do all in my power to help my grand kids go on missions, become Eagle Scouts and earn the Young Woman Awards. The gives me something to live for, pray for, and appreciate. Knowing the Jesus helps me live to accomplish the above and that he died that my sins are forgiven. He answers my prayers and wants me to be happy, all of this is my testimony in his holy name. Amen."

Friday, October 24, 2008


Lately I've been trying to do the small things in life that may bring the spirit into my home. I know that I'm far away from being perfect but I figured that maybe by doing the smaller things in life (listening to church music, reading scriptures more often, etc) that I may possibly improve upon my imperfections.

I've started to realize more of what truly matters in life, and maybe that comes from just getting older, being married, and having children. Granted I do only have one child right now, I do think that even ONE child changes your perspective on life and your future decisions for your life.

I've started to also come to terms that I don't need to worry about what everyone else thinks... It's about what I think, the lord thinks, and what my family thinks. I'm sometimes shy with my "spiritual side" because I often feel silly saying how I truly feel. Sometimes I feel as though what I am saying sounds... what's the word.... maybe..... dumb? ha... Or I'm worried that by me saying that, Suzy or George will find me to be a weird person. (mind you "suzy and george" or not real people that i know) ha. Anyways, I didn't want to come off to others as being "un normal" or odd for expressing my "spiritual side". Now.. I don't really care as much as to what others perspective of me is.

My "me" time is generally in the shower each & every day... it's my quiet time. Thats where I tend to pray and talk to my heavenly father, and also to focus on life and what needs to be done that day.

I'm grateful for so much in my life.

I'm grateful that I've found such an amazing partner to spend my life with. I'm eternally grateful for such a Loyal partner. I feel that there is so many people out there who are having such hard times in there marriage and who have had a spouse who has had an affair. I'm so blessed to not even have to worry about that.

I'm grateful that the Lord sent me my husband at such a perfect point in my life. He truly has shown me the light of the Lord.

I'm grateful to have a job... and that we are able to support ourselves.

I'm so happy to be a mother... it truly is an amazing blessing and my son brings me more joy than I could have ever imagined... quite possibly more than my nightly treats.. *just kidding*

I'm grateful for my family. That includes my husband, son-- as well as my parents & siblings.. and also to my husbands parents and siblings. They are huge examples to me.

I'm happy & grateful to be alive and well.

Monday, October 20, 2008


So, Many of you know that my husband is an avid hunter, and every year he looks forward to hunting season. Anyhow, this year he shot a really big deer! I was very proud of him, and he couldn't be happier. It's a once in a life time deer. :D So, here's a photo. It's span is 34 1/2 inches wide, and it has five points on each side... and it scores 200 (whatever that means) ;) Apparently he sent it to a taxidermist-- and he wants to hang its head on our wall. UGH! Scary-- i know!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday time!

Happy Birthday to TYSON and JADE!!!
Tyson and I have birthday's that are four days apart. His is on the 12th (so it was last Sunday) and mine is TODAY! I love my birthday. One of my favorite days of the year! WOOT!
This morning I woke up to breakfast in bed, mind you, this is the first time Tyson has cooked on a pan since we've been married (almost two years)! ha. He made bacon, Eggs, AND french toast. I have to give him credit because it was pretty darn good. :D Thanks honey!
He also got me a camera for my birthday.. which is a real HIGHLIGHT today. I really needed a new digital camera. The one we have is totally junk. The pictures aren't very good quality at all. So, I'm really excited to start using my new one and to be able to post some really great photos!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So, Honestly, I think my lil guy is flippin' adorable! =D He's almost 5 months and he has been growing like a little weed. Every month seems to be more fun... and he's becoming more and more active. I've found his tickle spots and it's hilarious when he giggles up a storm. I'm loving being a mom... Even though I have my hard days.. those little moments make it worth it. He's also trying to sit up more, stand, and he does the "army crawl". It's so exciting to see them learn new things. I'm so incredibly grateful that I am blessed with the ability to bear children... or to even be a mother at that! :D

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I visited Dall's blog and decided to do a wordle like she did. This is for my husband::