Monday, March 31, 2008


This last V-day was great, and i hadn't had a chance to update on it, because my computer and my camera were being ridiculous and i couldn't upload my photos. I finally got the chance to do that on my mom's house today.

On V-day Tyson surprised my with lots of fun things. We went to breakfast that morning at the Egg and I. YUMMY! and then went and picked out our new sofa's! It was really exciting for us, because it was one of our first big purchases together. We were both very stoked about it. That evening we went up to Springdale to have dinner, and then had the opportunity to stay the night up there. It was really fun and romantic. I'm grateful for him, and his thoughtfulness! It was one of the nicest things I think anyone has done for me, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it all just as much as i did. I think it's important that we spend that quality time with one another.... especially before Parks is born! ;)

Anyhow, the following Friday we went to a ward party at my mom's ward, and here's just a few photos of that event!

And then here's a photo of my mom and her friend at the party, they came together because both spouse's were out of town.....and this is the result of them, alone, at a mormon Valentine party! ;)

Gotta love it! ;)


Thursday, March 27, 2008


8 Things I am passionate about:
1. My husband, Tyson!
2. Traveling!
3. The Gospel!
4. My career!
5. My family, and my husbands family!
6. Reading.
7. Sleeping!
8. Bath time! :D

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Have children
2. See the world, Travel!
3. Write a book!
4. Grow stronger in the gospel.
5. Serve a full time mission with my husband.
6. Get over my fear of speaking/praying in public.
7. Get physically fit and be proud of my body!
8. Get the opportunity to grow old along side my husband.

8 Things I often say:
1. I'm exhausted!
2. I love you! <3
3. Thanks for calling Julies Hair and Nails!
4. When will you be home?
5. What do you want for dinner?
6. I need _________. haha ;)
7. I'm craving ______.
8. Can I have 3 kisses?

8 Things I often hear:
1. Bear?
2. Did you do this today, or that today?
3. What's for dinner?
4. What are you doing?
5. I love you!
6. There's nothing on TV.
7. Your really forgetful!
8. Where's my other shoe, jacket, this or that bill?!

8 Things I have learned, or re-learned in the past year:
1. How to not be so stubborn
2. How to listen to my body more often.
3. I have a really great family.
4. How amazing the womanly body is.
5. How i need to watch my budget a little closer.
6. How, the longer that i'm married, the more i love my husband...and how i didn't think it was possible to love someone more then the day you married them.
7. How everyday i can improve upon myself more!
8. How i need to enjoy life a little more.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Tyson and I have been married ONE YEAR today, and we're doing very well. I'm very happy to be married to such a great man. For our anniversary we went to Salt lake for the jazz game, and of course, I FORGOT MY CAMERA! :( bummer. Anyhow, it turned out great. We stayed at a nice hotel, and we both enjoyed every minute of our time with one another. I was looking back at photo's from our honeymoon in Nevada and Lake Tahoe, and they kinda made me laugh.. we've both changed so much. So, i thought i'd share a few of our crazy photo's from then.

Lake Tahoe is behind us. We both thought it was Super Pretty there when the sun was setting!

Just outside of our condo that we stayed in...

And here's a video that was filmed while we were at lake side, suppose to be skipping rocks! :D ( turn your volume up, JUST A LITTLE)

So, YES, we are very happy and very in LOVE!

We're very excited for the delivery of our son in 8 weeks..... We're so excited for us to start our family! :D <3