Sunday, November 1, 2009

LOTS of post.

Sorry I posted so much today.... scroll down to read them all.. :)


My girl friend Keisha and I dressed up for work for Halloween.. I was a fairy/butterfly and she was an 80's work out instructor.
I took photos of Parks but they are on the video camera/camera and it's not letting my upload them... so I'll work on trying to get them up as soon as I can!

And it's THRILLER!

Tyson and I go to Thriller every few years and I absolutely LOVE it. I get all into it. The zombies walking around are so exciting. They are a show in themselves. :)
We got really good seats this year-- which I was stoked about! If you haven't ever been to the show... you need to put it on your things to do next year! It's a lot of fun and kind of gets you in the whole Halloween spirit!! This year I loved a lot of the skits... The chainsaw one is a good laugh!!!

We went to see Thriller at Tuacahn amphitheater here in Southern Utah. They've got some really good plays!!

Paris and Parks

My Sister's little girl, Paris, comes over from time to time.... and she's a lot of fun.
She's four years old, and she says the funniest things.
Her and Parks play pretty well together.
We love you Pear! :)

Happy birthday to you....

Jake and Jarica's little boy Lincoln and Parks playing together.

Tyson and I just celebrated our birthdays. Tyson's is on the 12th of October, and mine is on the 16th of October. I had a really small surprise birthday party for him. He had no idea, so it was kinda fun. :)
I baked some delicious mini cupcakes and peanut butter cookies.. YUM!
Tyson turned 25 and I turned 23!!!
I still feel 19 some days.
Time flies.
I keep teasing Tyson that he's almost 30! :)
Thanks all for coming over-- I know it was last minute but it was fun to have you over.

Parks is getting bigger!!

Sometimes I am amazed at how fast he's growing up. It's been an exciting trip thus far. I am not ready quite yet to have another baby... even tho P is now a year and a half.
I am crossing my fingers for a girl next..... but I will probably have another boy. We'll see when that day comes.
I've been teaching my son sign language-- I grew up knowing the basics of sign language because my mom's parents were both deaf.
He now signs:

He does talk. But we still don't understand all that he says quite yet.
Most of what we understand, he says:
*naw (no)
* dog
* bottle--which is now going to be just a sippy cup as we are working to get rid of ALL bottles!
* momma
*mo' (more)
*side (outside)
*ba (bath)'
*Whas da (Whats that)

And I'm sure there are a few more that I cant think of.....

It's been an amazing journey. Gotta love being a mom! :)