Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sorry again....

Sorry I uploaded a ton of stuff today.. So you'll have to scroll down to the other entries to see it all.. In the meantime, I also wanted to upload these couple of pictures of Parks on his birthday. I love these photos. Totally cute.

Reverently, quietly...... :D haha... so peaceful. :D Just a folding his arms. :D

Lake Naci... Family Cabin.

[Caution: Tons of pictures!!!]

Tyson and I took Parks and went to California this last weekend. It was a blast. My family owns a cabin on Lake Naci in Paso Robles, it's been in my Dad's family now for about 45 years and we've been going there as far back as I can remember. Parks had so much fun playing in the water with his daddy. I didn't get in the water much.. way to cold for me! I just laid out and suntanned. :D Gotta love vacations! ;)

Tyson and Jade- Hanging out on the dock. :D

Jade's neices, Sadie on Left & Paris on Right.Parks. He thinks he can drive already. :)

Parks playing in his floatie. :D
Tyson was giving Parks his first lesson on how to ride a bike.
Jagger, Jade's nephew... sitting by the campfire.
The kids.. taking a bath. Does this water look dirty to you? haha.
Jade's brother, Adam, being crazy and jumping off the cliff.
Jade's cousin, Taylor, and Tyson.
This is how the party on the lake at Lake Naci... crazy kids.
Sadie, Jade's niece, and Parks.
Jade and Parks..on a boat ride.
Tyson and Jade's brother, Adam.
Jade's little brother, Jack.. going to ride the tube.
This was really funny... as Jack was getting ready to go out and tube, Jade yelled out to him "Be careful cracker..." Jack had quite the response.... he laughed and said "Okay, Cheese Stick"
Sadie, Jade's niece.
Tyson.. looking fly. :D
The boys.
Parks and Daddy.
Getting tangled up in the rope.
Jade and her niece, Paris.
Sitting on the porch.
Jade and Tyson.

Happy Birthday Son!

Parks Just had his first birthday party and we had a BBQ with friends and family.
He was a little unsure about the cake, but by the time he started to dig in, it was ALL over him.
Anyhow, thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us.
I am still working on Parks' book of his first year of life... full of pictures, comments, and such... So until that gets done... I just wanted to say that I am so incredibly grateful to be this little monsters mother. I have had so much fun with him, and he has taught he so much. I cant wait for what this next year has in store for us. I love you P monkey.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sorry Charlie

Sorry about the truck load of posts that I posted today. I had some catching up to do. :S

Mothers Day.

My mothers day turned out really nice. Tyson and I had a pretty busy day.
We had the opportunity to speak to his brother, who's in South America. He
had a bit of an accent... but sounded great. We miss him.
We also got to visit with each of our mothers..
We are both so grateful for our mom's... and are so blessed to have them near us. :D
Love ya mom's!
My gift from my boys today::
Oh, the joys I will have with you. Meet my new friend, KitchenAid. Isn't she amazing?


I forgot Parks had this robe, as it has been hanging in his closet since his baby shower. I took it out the other day and we had an extravaganza at our house with it. Tyson and I had some good laughs as Parks was running around and tugging on the robe to pull it off. Awe... the joys of parenthood. :D


I Just went down to cali with my girl friend, to visit some family.
It was nice to see my cousins.
I don't get to see them that often because we are all so far apart.
We had some good laughs though... and as usual they all looked great.
Miss you guys... sure wish you lived closer.


My little sister, Victoria, graduated from Flight school this last Friday. Go Vic! She now has her wings. ;)
I don't know if I could be a flight attendant but she's pretty stoked on it. Now go out there and get a job so I can have cheaper airfare! ;) Just kidding............kinda.


Tyson and I went to Supercross with a couple of friends. It was a lot of fun.
I was actually surprised at how much I was into it.
Totally fun, and totally worth going to.
Next year, Supercross will be on our agenda yet again.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I think it's time for...

me to set some goals.
Things always seem to happen where I feel like the Lord is kicking me in the butt and saying "Jade, get it together.. You know what you should be doing!" I recently received this video from a girl friend in an email and it made me realize that I need to work on a lot. I need to focus on me and my family much more. So, I've decided to set a few goals, yes, again! I realize I have set a few of these goals before... but I also think that's why the lord is kicking me and saying "Get it together!" ha.
So, I'm going to work on my "mouth". I have a few words that I should take out of my vocabulary. Especially for my son. He is already learning so much and the last thing I need is for him to repeat some of the words that come out of my mouth.
Second, I need to pray A LOT more. I think I often forget of the importance of speaking with the lord.
Third, I'm going to work on being an example. :D
Fourth, Service for others. In fact, Tyson and I have decided to one day go on a vacation as a family where the entire vacation is focused on doing service for others.
Fifth, Being kind to others, and being nonjudgmental.

So, this is ME, this is what I want to work on. I'm sure I can do it. :D