Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lake Naci... Family Cabin.

[Caution: Tons of pictures!!!]

Tyson and I took Parks and went to California this last weekend. It was a blast. My family owns a cabin on Lake Naci in Paso Robles, it's been in my Dad's family now for about 45 years and we've been going there as far back as I can remember. Parks had so much fun playing in the water with his daddy. I didn't get in the water much.. way to cold for me! I just laid out and suntanned. :D Gotta love vacations! ;)

Tyson and Jade- Hanging out on the dock. :D

Jade's neices, Sadie on Left & Paris on Right.Parks. He thinks he can drive already. :)

Parks playing in his floatie. :D
Tyson was giving Parks his first lesson on how to ride a bike.
Jagger, Jade's nephew... sitting by the campfire.
The kids.. taking a bath. Does this water look dirty to you? haha.
Jade's brother, Adam, being crazy and jumping off the cliff.
Jade's cousin, Taylor, and Tyson.
This is how the party on the lake at Lake Naci... crazy kids.
Sadie, Jade's niece, and Parks.
Jade and Parks..on a boat ride.
Tyson and Jade's brother, Adam.
Jade's little brother, Jack.. going to ride the tube.
This was really funny... as Jack was getting ready to go out and tube, Jade yelled out to him "Be careful cracker..." Jack had quite the response.... he laughed and said "Okay, Cheese Stick"
Sadie, Jade's niece.
Tyson.. looking fly. :D
The boys.
Parks and Daddy.
Getting tangled up in the rope.
Jade and her niece, Paris.
Sitting on the porch.
Jade and Tyson.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! BTW I love Tyson's farmers tan in the first picture! Haha He must work outside like Clint! :)