Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My first.

I have been working on a book.
I erase. I write. I re-write. I erase. I write. Over and Over and Over again. =/

Anyhow, the book is about my grandfathers life. He was a huge example to me. HUGE.
And he has some of the neatest stories ever. I wish he were still alive because I appreciate his journals and story so much. I have a billion questions. I'm pleased that I do have his journals and that they are so well written, as now I can look to those to hopefully have my questions answered. The is the beginning of the first chapter. I'd LOVE some feedback. I want to know if this is something that seems to catch your interest or kinda makes ya bored. :) It's a rough draft so I know that there are several mistakes. Anyhow, feel free to give feedback. I'd appreciate it.

I couldn't have been older then twelve. It was one of the most memorable spring days that I can think back to. The air was clear. I could see for miles before my eyes were stopped by great Mountain tops. Flowers were blooming all around me and I was at peace. I was strolling down a dirt road, most of the roads around the area, at this time, were only dirt. I enjoyed these walks. One of the many things that I delighted in. I was alone... alone most of my life, you see, I was an only child.
I was born July 10th, 1921 at about eleven that morning. This was the day that I was given my name, Herbert Walter Gellert. At this point in time there were no doctors, delivery rooms, nurses, or anesthetists, Just a German born midwife. My mother has told me the story of my delivery multiple times, each time she tells it with much enthusiasm and so much pride in me and in herself.
I can recall many times where I to was proud of my mother, Henrietta. She was an exceptional cook regardless of her terrible arthritis, and not until later in my life had I ever met a woman who could cook as well as my mother had. Growing up we had five delicious apple trees, raspberries, current, gooseberry bushes, and a large garden. My taste buds were undeniably fond of my mother's ox tail soup, cooked chicken feet, pickled pigs feet, and potato pancakes.
My father was an interesting fellow; I've tried many of times to think of a word to sum up him and his personality. All that I've ever been able to really come up with is the word interesting. I spent a lot of my time with my father doing my best to learn some tricks of the trade. He was a genius when it came to working on cars, this was something I whole heartedly admired and worked to be just like.

My Parents both had a favorite past time. They called it "The Time to Relax", However, Most would call it "The time to be wasted". Both of my parents were quite different when they drank, my dad would become really cheerful and jovial while my mother would become morose and complain. Most often she would complain that I was not my father's son. In my later years I learned of the story behind her complaint. My mother was actually married to a Gottlieb Moench when she met my father, so I was considered to be conceived out of wedlock due to her affair. This comment really did hurt both my father and I. I recall my father telling my mom often to go to bed and sleep off her anger, this reminds me of one incident when my mother hit her head against an open door and cut her head open. Dr. Williams came over shortly after and put in six stitches. This ordeal was the cause of there divorce years later…but that’s another story.

Lets get back to the good stuff, My story.

"HERB! HERBERT!" I could hear my mother's voice louder than the train horn that often raced by my home. My friends and I scrambled together trying to hide the Camels. The smoke was overbearing though, and I feared she would know right away what we were up to, although, I wasn't really much of a smoker, I was never really able to actually inhale the smoke down into my lungs because I was disgusted by the burning sensation. However, my mother was a undeniable fan of her Camels, Chesterfields, and Lucky Strikes. I would often straighten out her shoe rack where she would hide the cartons, and I'd steal her loot. I became curious what it was like to smoke after witnessing her and my father smoke as far back as I could remember. They probably were keen to smoking a few packs a week out on the front porch. "HERB, are you in chicken shack?!" I remember that statement clearly, as I held my breath and said to myself 'It's not the chicken shack, it's my playhouse!' Right about that moment, my mother ripped open the door. Almost immediately she grabbed the cigarettes out of my hand and in the same motion bent me over her knee. I received the most lickings out of all of my friends. I promised her I'd never smoke again. I've kept my word.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Utah day of July.

Last Thursday Tyson and I left Parks with our families ( Yes, Plural--P went back and forth to each house.) Anyhow, It was a nice vacation for us to spend some much needed one on one time together. Although, I totally missed P-Money.
Tyson is getting better and better at his wake boarding skills, I must say-- I'm a proud wife! :) I was hootin' and Hollerin' every time he busted over that wake... I probably sounded like a goofy soccer mom congratulating her kid and telling him what do from the sidelines, even though I haven't the slightest idea how to complete the sport by myself.
He looks happy, doesn't he? :) ^^^
Daphne and Bronson. The gracious couple who invited us. ^^
My lover, Busting over that wake. OO--YEAH! Go bayba, it's your birthday! ;)
Yes, I was reading. I'm a loser. ^^
LOVE this photo. We were in a cave and Tyson was strapping the wakeboard on.
Me, attempting to look like a bad "A".
The group.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Feeling Motivated.

I often will weigh myself, look down on that number and say to myself "My clothes have to weigh two pounds, then I've eaten a few times today.. that HAS to be mmm... another two pounds [of junk] Then my boobs, well, dont you think they probably weigh about two pounds.. so, that's SIX pounds off of whatever the scale says... So, then I say to myself--with a sigh, "I guess I'm not THAT chubb-a-licous...." Does anyone out there do this?!!? I feel like EVERY single time I turn the darn Television on it seems like it's another commercial highlighting on how to be skinnier and how to lose weight. Why cant there be commercials and infomercials on about how to GAIN weight. I WISH this was my problem. I know they say "be careful what you wish for" but I'm wishing away.... on every birthday cake--EVERY shooting star, you get the picture. Granted... I'm not fat. I know what fat looks like on these bones, I've been there. [Thank you pregnancy ]
So-- I'm on to a few different solutions for this dilemma of 'trying to be happy with my body or change my body'.... and for hell's sake I am having trouble with feeling motivated!! =/ So my first thought was that I could try to be semi granola and try out some Yoga... So away I went googling. This is what popped up under images. So, Tell me, how in the world does this feel amazing? This, to me, looks like it came running out of a Karma Sutra book screaming "TRY ME"... and by the way, it may or may not be delightful. I'm thinking it wouldn't be.
so back to googling I go.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here we go.....

These photos are backwards, but you get my drift. "P" loves to empty drawers! ["P" is what we refer to as Parks-- It's been that way since he was born-- So, If I write P now you know why. I wont repeat this a thousand times, You know, the way Rachel Ray does about E.V.O.O.--YES R.R., We know it means Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!!] Anyhow back to my scrumptious love. He has been the brightest light of all in our life and such a delight. It's amazing to see how much he is learning every week. He likes to babble.... more then the average 14 month-- I AM SURE OF IT. In Church today he was yelling at the people behind us in what we call his own "Japanese" language. They just smiled and nodded...Which made me think..... "Sir, yes you--sitting behind us-- Parks, may or may not be saying something worth smiling and nodding to." You never know what could possibly be going on his tinniest little brain.

Anyhow, Today was pretty nice, Well the weather-- not so much. WAY to hot, makes me feel as though my thighs and pits are unimaginably sweating.. like I could fill an entire bath with my own sweat. Sorry for the details, I guess I could have spared you....Or not. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear Blogspot, It's official.

I've decided to tell EVERYONE MY NEWS... Yes, that means you included.
I'm going to........ use my blog as practice!!!
I'm sure that isn't the news your heart desired.
But I'm going to use it for practice to hopefully one day write a book.
So, every blog I post, and I pinky promise there will be much more,
I'm going to write. WRITE. write. WrItE.
Hopefully my writing skills will become slightly more witty and entertaining.
[You may have to pray for me.]
Anyhow.. that's my news, so in case you start looking at my blog and I've got
story's and such up the bee-jeezy. This is why.

The end.

[July] Lake Powell. {2009}

We had a ton of fun at Lake Powell this year. It's been our usual tradition to go every year.. and this year was a lot of fun. The water was a perfect temp. and the nights were really cool. Perfect weather. :D Parks did pretty good overall. I'm stoked that he's getting older and is now able to enjoy these trips a little bit more. Here's a huge overload of photos of the entire vacation. ENJOY!
Parks and Gammy. ^^
Parks playing in the cooler. ^^
Tyson on his wake skate. ^^
Parks and Britt in the background.^^ Parks Loved playing in the water.

Parks and Tyson on the wave runner. ^^
Parks and Teisha, Tyson's little sister. She's giving Parks the water out of the lid of her water bottle.

Tyson and Jade. Striking a pose! ^^

Grandpa Irvine and Parks.^^
Brian and Parks driving the boat.
Jamie and Tyson.^^
Love his facial expression.
Makes me smile.
The fam Damily. Minus Tyson's younger bro.
On an excursion. ^^

Delicious ice cream!

Monday, July 6, 2009


These Photos are backwards.. but oh well. Tyson and I had an eventful day. As you can see in this picture below.. Parks was tired and ready to just be home. We started the day off by going to Yankee Meadows to go fishing with Tyson's family. Tyson's sister was the only one that caught a fish... but no one else caught anything. So after being there for 3 of 4 hours, and not hooking a single fish, we decided that was enough fishing. When we got home we headed over to our friends house for a BBQ, and then to Fireworks... Which is where this picture was taken:::

Parks and Jade at the BBQ::

Parks and Jade::
Tom and Parks Fishing:
Tom Fishing with Jade's hat on:
Tom and Parks:

Tyson climbing on a log in the lake. Yes, He did fall in eventually. =) His sisters hook was attached to the log, so he decided he'd get it off for her.
Jade and Parks in the background.:
Parks and his messy face... he was eating.
Looking for Fish:
Everyone on the shore line.
A stream by Yankee Meadows... really pretty.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Videos to be documented.

The first video is y dad skiing at Lake Naci in Califonia. He's been skiing since he was 5!!! :D

Second video is me and Tyson on our honeymoon. Pretty classic. :D