Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear Blogspot, It's official.

I've decided to tell EVERYONE MY NEWS... Yes, that means you included.
I'm going to........ use my blog as practice!!!
I'm sure that isn't the news your heart desired.
But I'm going to use it for practice to hopefully one day write a book.
So, every blog I post, and I pinky promise there will be much more,
I'm going to write. WRITE. write. WrItE.
Hopefully my writing skills will become slightly more witty and entertaining.
[You may have to pray for me.]
Anyhow.. that's my news, so in case you start looking at my blog and I've got
story's and such up the bee-jeezy. This is why.

The end.

1 comment:

Matt and Brielle said...

Well mis Jade, I think you are a fantastic writer. That is definately a talent! I am a Horrible writer. Im looking forward to many more stories, and an amazing book written and published by you someday! You crack me up, I loved the yoga pic:)