Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've Decided.

I've decided that I really do need to work on making our blog a book and writing more things on here that I need and want to remember.
So I'm going to continue to work on that.

Tyson and I have felt that ever since Parks could walk and talk he has had a few different anger issues. Which are very hard to deal with some days. Extremely overwhelming. We didn't understand where they were stemming from or why he would act out in the ways that he does... in fact I just wondered if that was "normal" because he is our first child. We recently started looking into all of this and discovered that Parks might have ODD (Oppositional defiant disorder) it's where your child has a persistent pattern of tantrums, arguing, and angry or disruptive behaviors toward you and other authority figures. So we are going to look into all of it and see if there are different ways to help us parent and help him to overcome his little battle.
Here's a few picture of him in the last little bit.
He drew all over his self.
Little turkey.

 Photos of him and Maya in the bath tub. They love to play together...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Parks says:

The funnies.

Last week I layed Parks down to take his nap... and through the wall we had quite the convorsation.
Parks: Mom...?
Me: Yes Bubba?
Parks: Mom 'ome ere (come here)
Me: Nope.. It's nap time..
Parks: Well, It steents (stinks) Mommy.
Me: Why?
Parks: I faw-ted. Gwoss. Ewww... steenty. ( Farted, gross)
Me: (laughing) Go to sleep "P".
Parks: Otay.

In the car driving home from My mom's house.
Tyson and I were talking about random things.
Out of no where Parks pipes up.

Ky-it  ( quiet) ssshhhh... No talk.
Tyson and I laughing.

Again Parks says: Ky-it  ( quiet) ssshhhh... Ky-it Dude!!!

Such a goof.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have been home with Parks a ton lately. 
He has been really really wild fun for me. :)
He is, in no doubt, two.
I thought I better update a little more about him while I have the time to do it.

He is still very much a momma's boy but LOVES to play & wrestle with his daddy.
His speech has improved tremendously. 
He understands [slightly] that I have a baby brother in my belly and he has felt the baby move.
When he says "I love you", it sounds more like "I ruv roo" Which we call his "Scooby voice"
He carries things with him EVERYWHERE. 
Things like: his favorite car, Gator boots (his favorite alligator), blanket, Sippie Cup, etc. He'll take these things to the store, to his grandmother's houses.. wherever we go.
If he happens to find something at their house that he wants to carry he'll HAVE TO add it to his collection that he's got to carry around. 
Some days he'll have three items he's got in his hands-- and then tries to juggle eating, or drinking, etc.
Such a goof.
He dances. Shakes his "tail feather".
He loves to read a book at night at sing "Silent Night"... however, he calls it "Sigh-ya-nigh"
He is learning to spell his name out loud, but usually will only say "P-a-r". 
It's a work in progress.
He loves animals and would live at the Zoo if we had one here in Southern Utah.
I take him to see the ducks and horses at least once a week.
He also really loves Diesels and tractors and Tyson and I joke that P will be in construction or a Truck driver one day because he has an obsession. 
He tells me that "Tractors dig dirt" every single time we see a tractor. =)
He enjoys looking at himself in the mirror and checking himself out... He'll dance in front of the mirror, check out his backside, and smile at himself. 
Such a little turkey... makes me laugh every time.
If he could, he'd live outside.
He really enjoys being outside.
He loves the Park, dirt (even eating dirt =/ ), rocks, riding his bike, swimming... anything that he can do outside is amazing to him.
He loves to go to nursery at church and is currently learning more about Jesus and praying.

He's been a lot of fun at this age. I really love being a mom.
It's a hard job, but at the end of the day I wouldn't want any other job. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

I remember.

This is a photo of Parks when He was one month old.
It feels like he has grown into a crazy two year old far to quickly.
I remember these sweet moments though, when I would hold him close and he would just curl up in a tiny ball on my chest.

Now, I'm about to have another one month old.


I'm excited, nervous, anxious.....
8 more weeks & I will be a mother of two boys.