Friday, July 30, 2010

Lake Powell and such

We went to Lake Powell with Tyson's side of the family, and were invited by the Kraupp family. We all had a good time. Parks really loved the water this year, as well as the dirt. I think, simply put, he just loved being outdoors all day long. Here are a few random photos of our vacation... my camera died.. sad, I know. So I was unable to load up on my usual 100's of photos.
The boys had "tube wars" everyday.. This is a photo I captured of Tyson jumping to the next tub.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Photos and Journal Writing

Love this tantrum^^ makes me laugh.
To be a mother is a huge chapter in any mother's life. One that I am so blessed to have in mine. I may or may not enjoy all the lessons of motherhood though, some days it's a breeze.. other days I can't wait to go to bed that night. =) I suppose in life there are many other trials that feel this way. Some days just are plain easier then others. In a book called the Peace Maker There is a line that I love. It reads: "Love and salvation are gifts. How grateful we should be to receive them at any measure." To experience the love of "Motherhood" and the love of being a wife, has been one of the best Chapters that god could have written for me. 

I write in my journal often... often as in, almost every night. I write small entries, large one's.. and one's that I get side tracked and don't finish. I have learned that "I write, therefore I am." Almost as though it proves of my existence. I would love for Parks, or his children, to be able to read about our lives, and what we did, what we enjoyed, etc. 

I love the small things of being a mother. 

I really love seeing Parks with his favorite blanket. He drags that sucker everywhere. He loves to snuggle up to it, and as he does so, he gives his lovey face... which more or less looks like a "stank face" aka "it stinks" face. Tyson and I try to mock it. I think I can pull it off pretty well, as Parks and I have the same nose and mouth. =)

Tyson and I are doing really well together. Our lives have taken on more meaning with being parents. I think it has made our feelings for one another, over time, stronger and more efficient, and we lean on one another more often for full support. I feel as though, being a parent and a wife has proved to me that I need to be more responsible, more aware of my actions, more cautious with my doings, and teachable. I am not perfect. I would not dare to say that  I was even close to perfection. However, I hope that in same way, some fashion, that I may be a tool in the hands of god. That I may be able to teach my children, and others around me, something of importance... or maybe that I will inspire someone for the better. One day, when I look back at the many chapters of my life, I hope that I may know that I helped or inspired someone in some significant way, that they perhaps gained something from me, something that no one else could have helped them gain or achieve.

I feel that this is why each of us are sent here... we are a piece to an enormous puzzle.

I appreciate Tyson more then he may ever know. I could not imagine my life with out him, as he has been such a blessing to me. He stands by me no matter what and supports me to no end. Makes me feel great about life and our relationship.