Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Salt Lake

This last weekend it was Tyson's family reunion in Salt Lake, So we decided to plan an eventful weekend for Parks while we were up there anyhow. 
On Friday night we stayed at my brother Adam's house. It was nice to spend time with him and see his kids. We don't get the opportunity to see him very often.
Saturday morning we took Parks to The Historic Wheeler Farm. We went there with my good friend Nykel, her husband, kids and sister. My Mom and Brother also came along with my brothers wife and kids. Parks LOVED the animals there. He fed the ducks and pet the goats. It's free to get into the farm [which I was stoked about] and It was a really pretty morning to spend with friends and family.

After the Farm experience we went to the Park for Tyson's family reunion, and here's a few photos of Parks playing on the the playground.
That night, we met up with Nykel and her family to celebrate her husbands 28th birthday. We went to Texas Roadhouse in Sandy. It was a lot of fun and we totally surprised CW when they came to sing to him! =) 

On Sunday we decided to take Parks to the Hogle Zoo. I hadn't been to a Zoo in YEARS and Parks is obsessed with animals lately, so I knew he would be in heaven. He was so excited to see the Elephants and the monkey's and kept repeating the word "monkey" all day long. It was really fun as parents to introduce him to animals and get to see his reaction when seeing some of them for the first time.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Being a part of a delivery.

I have a really good friend that lives across the street, Mary, and we've been friends for quite some time now.. and have grown really close. She's a mother now of 5 boys. All of them, 8 and under. She is such an amazing mom, and very patient with her boys.
Mary called me the week before she gave birth to her last baby boy, Krew, and asked if I would like to be a part of the delivery and be in the room. I was so excited, as I had never seen or been a part of a delivery.
So, on September 2nd Mary called me and said that she was dilating quickly and to come to the hospital. She had decided to deliver this baby with out any sort of pain medication. So, her husband, sister, and I all pitched in to push on her pressure points and reduce the pain she was in. It totally worked, and really helped! She was so calm and a huge trooper. She did SO well!! I stood up behind the bed and filmed the entire delivery. It was really really neat to be a part of. Krew weighed just over 8 lbs, and was perfectly healthy.
Thanks SO much Mary for allowing me to be a part of such a neat miracle.
I love you guys!