Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BUSY!!! Need to catch up.

December was a pretty busy month and really flew on by.
I haven't updated for quite some time so I really need to get on the ball.
I've been trying hard to spend some one on one time with Parks, as I know, he's going to be an only child for just a little longer and then he'll have to learn to share time with his little brother.
I'm a little worried about how that adjustment will go. I'm sure eventually it'll smooth right out.
Parks isn't one to love to share... something we'll have to work on even more.
I've also been working with him on potty training.
It's been a slow process.
We just work on it a little at a time. I'm hoping that if I don't force him, he'll take hold of it better.

This year we started a new tradition of doing a ginger bread house together.
I really wanted Parks to do the decorating on his own.. I just maneuvered the pieces together so it looked like a house. :) So here is a few pictures of that event.

Right around Christmas we went with Tyson's side of the family to eat at Pirate Island.
Parks thinks it a little bit scary in there.. but loves the play area and arcade.
He thinks he's a big boy and can play all of the same games as everyone else.
You can tell he did not want me to hold him. He wanted to run around and play...

Christmas Eve Parks was really sick with croup. It was horrible. He was on antibiotics though, and the doctor approved us taking him outside to play, regardless of his cough/cold.
So, we went to Brian Head and did went sledding/tubing.
Parks was falling asleep in his little tube because he was so dang lethargic...
BUT when they'd push him down the hill in his tube he'd look up, smile, and say "fun! A-din!" (Again)
I was a little worried about how high the hills were that they were pushing him down on..
But the people that worked there, assured me that it wouldn't be a big deal to get a refund if he hated it, and that even a 16 month old had gone down it....
P monkey ended up loving it!!

Christmas morning Parks was still sick and a little lethargic still..
Once he saw what Santa had brought him tho, He was as happy as a clam.
He played.... then laid down... then played.. then wanted to cuddle.. then play again.
We were happy that it, at least, put him in a little bit of a better mood. Poor guy.. =/

Tyson and I both had a great Christmas together.
It was really fun...and Tys spoiled me rotten..
He's terrible at keeping on budget when it comes to Christmas time.
You can tell we're both a little tired and out of it still.
None-the-less, still taking pictures and enjoying these moments.
It's so much more fun to be a parent, and observe how much your kids are loving the toys and the spirit of Christmas.
I love the giving part of Christmas, and seeing how excited people get when they see what you've made/purchased for them.

I try really hard every year to get people gifts that are more on the thoughtful end, and that have meaning. So I gave my parents a quilt that I had made.. and my mom a necklace that has all her kids' names engraved on it.
This is a photo of my dad's face when he saw what my mom had purchased for him for Christmas. He's in shock. He had no idea.
New fishing boat.
Parks was out there wanting to get in and play in it.
My mom with the quilt and her necklace.
My dad with his new rug for our lake house.
Stacey, Tyson's mom, with a necklace I got her as well.
Tyson's dad, With his new hunting backpack. :)
Trevor with his new shades.
December was a great month. We had a really good time and stayed busy.
NOW I'm at 29 weeks pregnant and SOOO ready to be done.
We're getting close, and I've been doing some preparing here and there.
I really don't love to be pregnant.
I'm having Braxton hicks as I type this and I'm feeling a little bit large lately....
But I love that I'm more aware of our little monster in this pregnancy and I can feel his little limbs more often and when he turns.. It's been fun to watch my belly wiggle around and feel him move.
I'm excited to meet him...
We have two names FINALLY picked out, so we'll see what he ends up with.