Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good fun!

Today was an eventful day! We went to Rob and Amy Harmon's wedding. It was up in Pine Valley at the old LDS church there. It was my first time going to that church...and i thought it was very neat looking. An all white 2 story church. Tyson was joking that the building must resemble the temple to people and thats why so many get married there! ;) I wish I would have taken a photo of it though. If you've never seen it, it looks like it's from like Joseph Smith times! =D
After the wedding, we went to the pool with some friends... it was nice to lay out in the warm sun! Anyhow, here's a few photos of the day, along with some reception photos!

*Jade Getting some color*

*Tyson getting a tan!*

*Rob, Tyson, and Amy*

*Decorating the car*

*Tyson, Peter, Stu, and Matt*

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Tyson and I went bowling with our friends, Tracy and Clar! We had a good time... Tracy beat us all! Tyson took second. I beat Clar by one point. My score was only an 88!! haha. It was kind of difficult to figure out how to balance myself with this big ole' belly!!! Here's some photos!

*Tyson about to get his last two pins!*

*Me trying to have good balance*

*Just the two of us!*

*Tracy and Clar!*

Monday, April 21, 2008

What's going on:::

Tyson and I are doing really well. He's been working one full time job doing lawn sprays and bug sprays as well as working at the Dixie Center for the City. He enjoys being very busy!! He also plays softball every Thursday night with some friends from work. It seems that every season he's involved in some kind of sport. I'm glad that he's happy being active. It really helps me to get going and get out of the house!

I just recently quit my job at the buckle and as of right now, I'm planning on just finishing out this month at the salon, and then I'm going to take a maternity leave. I think I'll probably stay home for about 6 weeks or so, before returning to the salon. I sure hope I don't lose any of my clients!

Our baby is due on the 15th of May. We are still getting very anxious. I've got two friends, Jacy and Jarica who are pregnant, and I'm waiting for them to have there babies, as that means that I'm that much closer to having mine. They are both due before me, and both are having boys! I really feel like that there are SO many women who are pregnant right now! :) Kind of fun and exciting!

My parents just recently returned from two weeks of fun vacations. They went to the sol omen Islands and then to California to stay at our lake house for a few days! i LOVE Vacations, and I cant wait until Tyson and I will be able to go out on a few of our own vacations. Here's a few pictures of places I've been.... I just think they are some neat photos!

This is flying out of New York City.

Playing in the ocean in hawaii!! So beautiful!

Cabo, Mexico!! Gorgeous!

Our honeymoon! Lake Tahoe, NV. I loved this photo

I just cant wait to have many more fun experiences traveling with Tyson and our family! :D

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Things have been going along pretty good. I'm getting more and more anxious to have our baby! This last week was my mother in law, Stacey's birthday---as well as my brother, Adam's, birthday! So, Today Tyson and I went to my sister's house and we all celebrated Adam's birthday... Unfortunately Adam's daughter and wife weren't here to celebrate with us, they are in Salt lake. His wife's parents are leaving on a mission... so his wife wanted to spend some last minute time with them. Anyhow, here's the fun pictures from today!

This is my sister's kids (shawns). Paris loves to blow out candles!!!

Paris and Adam--- singing happy birthday!

** I love Sundays! It's always nice to just relax and enjoy time with family! **

Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby Shower!!

My baby shower turned out great, and I've already written about it in a previous post, but i thought i would share some photos.

This is Jacy and I. She is due April 2oth, and has not yet had her baby. She's having a boy as well!

This is the sign in Table, where we had people sign there name on a cowboy hat!

The yummy treats! In each brown bag there were sandwiches! Chicken salad sandwiches! YUM!

It was a blast! I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as me! Thank you all for coming! :D

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Life in our house!

This Last weekend I had my baby shower... and it turned out great. I really appreciate everything that everyone did for me, and all the fun gifts. So many people were so very thoughtful, It was really nice. My sister worked really hard on the baby shower to make it really nice, and it was so nice of her... she did a fantastic job. I'll update pictures later on this week when i can get over to my mom's house and do it on her computer. Mine is lame about putting pictures on here... it wont register the camera... weird!?

Conference turned out pretty good. Monson did a really good job. I really enjoyed his little comedian talk in the last session. It was nice to see that side of him! :D

Tyson will be starting a new job next week doing pest control, and I'll be quitting my buckle job next week!! Crazy! I think I'm going to stay at the salon though, at least till' the end of the month- unless for some reason I went into labor really early-- but i doubt it!!! Although, it'd be nice if he was healthy and stuff! I'm totally sick of being pregnant! haha.

Tonight we went to Tyson's parents house to celebrate Kris Harris' birthday! It was fun. We had breakfast for dinner and I loved it! Breakfast is my most favorite meal! After dinner everyone was playing Ping Pong, I know I'm really bad at it, so i just sat out! But, it was really fun to see everyone else play. Tyson's pretty good at it. To be honest, i dont really understand the rules...not that i think they are even hard rules!! haha...

Anyhow, this is all for now..... :D


P.S. I'm so excited that it's Spring!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools! =D

Today was my dad's 50th birthday, and also April Fools Day! This morning I met my sister at my dad's work, and her and her kids had brought 50 black balloons and candy with them. They had already decorated his office while he was out...and him and i pulled up at about the same time. He was surprised, but i think very happy that we had thought of him. I cant believe that my dad turned 50 today though, i remember when it was his 40th birthday. It's crazy how time flies!!

Here's a few fun photo's of this evening! Happy birthday dad!!

*Sadie, Paris, and my dad.... the girls must think it's not only his birthday but theres! ;)

*My mom and Dad together... my mom looks sleepy!

* He looks a little concerned about something?! haha...

Last year on April Fools Day i fooled Tyson pretty good. I got him with a pregnancy test that i just happen to leave on the bathroom counter.... I had a friend, whom was pregnant, take the test! After reading positive he freaked, and i laughed! :D haha. I didn't get a chance to get him this year..... but maybe next year.