Sunday, April 6, 2008

Life in our house!

This Last weekend I had my baby shower... and it turned out great. I really appreciate everything that everyone did for me, and all the fun gifts. So many people were so very thoughtful, It was really nice. My sister worked really hard on the baby shower to make it really nice, and it was so nice of her... she did a fantastic job. I'll update pictures later on this week when i can get over to my mom's house and do it on her computer. Mine is lame about putting pictures on here... it wont register the camera... weird!?

Conference turned out pretty good. Monson did a really good job. I really enjoyed his little comedian talk in the last session. It was nice to see that side of him! :D

Tyson will be starting a new job next week doing pest control, and I'll be quitting my buckle job next week!! Crazy! I think I'm going to stay at the salon though, at least till' the end of the month- unless for some reason I went into labor really early-- but i doubt it!!! Although, it'd be nice if he was healthy and stuff! I'm totally sick of being pregnant! haha.

Tonight we went to Tyson's parents house to celebrate Kris Harris' birthday! It was fun. We had breakfast for dinner and I loved it! Breakfast is my most favorite meal! After dinner everyone was playing Ping Pong, I know I'm really bad at it, so i just sat out! But, it was really fun to see everyone else play. Tyson's pretty good at it. To be honest, i dont really understand the rules...not that i think they are even hard rules!! haha...

Anyhow, this is all for now..... :D


P.S. I'm so excited that it's Spring!!


Jarica and Jake said...

You need to get some pic's up since i couldn't go...i want to see what i missed out on!
THANKS SO MUCH for dinner the other are so sweet! We really appreciated it a lot. Thanks for being such a great friend.

Brooke B said...

Hey girl!!
I haven't seen you forever!!
Can't wait to see this baby I am so excited for you:)