Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm behind.

I  haven't posted much of anything lately. It's hard for me to have the time to get on and post about our life.

Tyson and I both recently celebrated our birthday parties. Tyson turned the big 26! and I'm now 24... our birthdays are only 4 days apart so we usually do joint parties every year. I didn't take any photos because I forgot my camera and wasn't doing my job... =/ But we had a great time. On my birthday we went to a movie together, then to dinner with our friends Mary and Kelly. Tyson and I hadn't laughed that hard in quite awhile, so it was a much needed night out.

This last weekend I went with my mom and sisters to Las Vegas to see "Time Out for Woman". Let me just say, IT WAS AMAZING. I really loved the entire event. They had amazing speakers, and awesome music! I am glad that I went, it was nice to spend time with just the girls.

Eating his first fudge Popsicle::

I haven't written much about Parks for quite some time, so I thought I better update about him as well.

He now is talking a ton and starting to form a lot of sentences.
He's been making us laugh a lot more lately.
He STILL loves cheese, chicken, and funions (spellings?) more then anything else.
He drags his "bankie" [blanket] around with him everywhere.
He LoVeS to take showers.
His best friends are Sammy [Tyson's mom's dog] Casen [ Little boy across the street] and Maya [Shawn, my sister's daughter].
He really enjoys being outside and riding his bike.
He has ridiculously good motorskills... sometimes makes me worried.
He likes to pretend he's asleep and then jump up and say "I'm funny."
He hates taking a nap and going to bed at night, but he still needs a nap.
He loves to watch Tractors and Diesels and often will point out a "Dies" when we're driving.

I really enjoy being a mom to a little boy, it's been a lot of fun and I am sure there is a lot that I'm missing to write down about  him, but he's trying to play with the printer now, so I have to go.