Thursday, June 11, 2009

More great photos by Lacy! Love them!!!

Parks' 1 year old photos. By Lacy

Yesterday I had Lacy do Parks' one year old photos. His birthday was a few weeks ago, so yes, I was a little behind. But I LOVE how this one turned out. This is actually the only one I've seen so far. I'm stoked to see the others. My little munchkin is so handsome! I just want to kiss him all over and eat him! ( not seriously tho) ;) haha He is all over the place-- busy but Lacy was patient with my monster and she did a great job! Thanks a ton Lacy. To see her Page click here or her name at the top! :D

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm on a search...

I've been searching for the best frosting ever for quite some time now, and have yet to find it. I've done cream cheese frosting. I've done pink lemonade frosting. I've done whip cream.. and even powdered sugar.. But I have yet to find a REALLY good frosting recipe. I would like something that is like amazing Vanilla, or some Fab Raspberry frosting.

I am on a mission people.

Can you help me out?