Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tracen Taft Irvine

Caution: If you don't like to read about birth, you may want to skip this post... and huge post.
A few photos at the end.

I haven't been able to sit down and write Tracen's birth story out. It's been really busy around our house and I finally have a couple of minutes. I hope I can write most of it out today.

When I originally found out I was pregnant I decided I'd try to do as much reserach about labor and delivery as possible and found out more about how the female body worked, etc. I wanted to be much more prepared this time around.

About a month ago I started to pray for a quick delivery, healthy baby, if possible to not be induced, and also to go a little early. I can say that I was very blessed to have recieved ALL of the above. I was so grateful that things happened the way that I had desired for them to happen. "Ask and ye shall receive":)

On Wednesday, the 23rd of March I had a doctors appointment. I went in and he checked me to see how much I was dilated to. I was a 3+, almost  a 4, and 70% effaced. He then swiped my membranes and told me that if I kept busy, then by the end of the day, I should easily be a 4. This was motivating for me.. I was going to be 38 weeks the following day and I couldn't wait to meet my son. I went home and started rocking and bouncing on my yoga ball immediately, even though I was starting to contract and felt like I just wanted to lay down, I felt it was my job to do my part if I wanted the Lord to help me on the other side of things. I continued working with my body for hours, trying to encourage it along.

Tyson finally came home and we decided to order some Cafe Rio. He told me he didn't want me to go into labor yet because he "had a big morning at work the next day" (Thursday) and I laughed and told him good luck..... and that I was hoping I was not having 'false labor'.... because I was really starting to feel contractions. Tyson and Parks went to bed and I slept for about 2 hours and then was up feeling uncomfortable all night.. so I continued to bounce and rock on my yoga ball.....ALL NIGHT LONG.. and then finally at 6 am I fell asleep for a little while... Waking back up to contractions two hours later!

I knew I was probably in full labor at this point, but still was afraid that I could be having false labor... so I continued all day long.. walking outside, bouncing on the yoga ball, and cleaning my house. Tyson got home at about 3, ate lunch and showered--- and then kinda hung out.... till' I told him "We're leaving!!" haha. He thought I was doing "fine" because in between contractions I was acting completely "normal". haha. I had to tell him that they don't hurt in between, and I do feel fine 'in between'.

So, finally we packed everything into the car and took Parks to meet Tyson's mom, and then headed to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at about 5:15 pm and I explained that my pain in my contractions had intensified but they still weren't a 100% consistent in timing, and that I was about a 4 and 70% effaced. The nurse decided to just check me and admit me. I was now a 4+ but still 70% effaced.

My mom, and older sister then came to the hospital and right about this point Doctor Lunt came in. He checked me, tried to open my cervix a little more, and broke my water. I then had 4 contractions that were KILLER. My pitocin hadn't even started flowing yet, and my contractions were at most 45 seconds a part. After about 4 of them, and no relief in pressing pressure points or anything, my nurse, Pearl, checked me and I was already a 7!! I asked Pearl to hurry and get me an epidural!! I originally wanted to try to go all natural, and I, overall, I was able to handle the pain till' this point. I never wanted to assume I could be super woman, but I wanted to try to do it with out the pain meds.

The anesthesiologist came in and hooked me up!! I still had 3 or 4 contractions till' the epidural kicked in!! I was trying to relax between them but was feeling like I was unable to breathe... and then finally.... relief. I could still feel my legs, even move them a little, I could feel pretty much everything....just none of the pain. This was something that was very exciting for me.. I wanted to be able to feel.

At 8:15 p.m.Pearl checked me again... I was now dilated to a 9, and she told me that I would be having my baby with in the next half an hour or so. I was now super excited/nervous/anxious. Tyson started perking up a bit and I could tell he was feeling the same thing as I was. My mom called my dad, Tyson texted his family... we were about to add another member to our eternal family and I was feeling really grateful, blessed, and excited for this.

8:30 p.m.
Doctor Lunt came in and said he was sure I was ready. He checked me and sure enough, I was now dilated to 10!! Nurses started coming in and I got ready to push. Doctor Lunt asked me to take a big breath in the push one big push. I pushed once, and Doc Lunt told me we were almost there. At this point I could feel Tracen dropping into the birth canal and coming out. Doctor Lunt asked me to push again as hard as I could... and in the middle of the push, he asked me to stop pushing, and he pulled Tracen out the rest of the way..... and then set him on my belly. It was so neat. I started to tear up when I saw him..... I looked up at Tyson and we both smiled. Tyson was a little teary eyed as well as we both were in awe of our new gift, our second son.

It's an amazing experience to give birth and to have children. I am really grateful for it, and feel blessed that I'm able to be a mother. I am so glad that everything went so well, and I know it has a lot to do with my diligence in praying for all these things. It was a better experience this time around, then when I had Parks. I knew more, was ready for more, and was more then willing to experience giving birth. I wasn't afraid of anything, in fact, I almost feel like I welcomed the contractions because I understood there importance.

Thus far, Tracen has been a really good baby. We've had a few rough nights, but he came out of the womb practically sucking his thumb. He's a very good eater!!

Parks is learning about what it's like to have a sibling and has adjusted a little bit so far. I can tell he's jealous and needs attention at certain points. He also is still learning that Tracen is fragile... but with time, I'm sure it'll all be fine. It's a lot of work to have a newborn and I feel very complete at this point with children. I know eventually we'll have more but I am happy with my 2 little boys right now.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Over the weekend

Tyson and I wanted to do something fun and different, and since he had Friday off of work, we decided to go head down to Vegas.
I don't particularly love Vegas. It's super dirty and very congested, but I figured a weekend out of town could be good for all us before the baby comes.
We took Parks to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum. It seemed like it was in the "hood", but once inside, we had a lot of fun.
Parks was in absolute heaven touching and playing with everything he could imagine. He really loved the "bubbles area" and the airplane. I was glad we got an opportunity to take him to do something he's never done. I only wish they had more kid oriented activities here in St. George.
We also went down to visit our friends, Mary and Kelly, whom just recently purchased a home on the west side of Vegas. We went to dinner with them at Buffalo Bills and spent time with them. It was a lot of fun to go out just as adults. We wish they lived across the street again, but are excited for them and their brand new purchase!
I didn't take as many photos as I wish I would have... but here are a few.