Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Over the weekend

Tyson and I wanted to do something fun and different, and since he had Friday off of work, we decided to go head down to Vegas.
I don't particularly love Vegas. It's super dirty and very congested, but I figured a weekend out of town could be good for all us before the baby comes.
We took Parks to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum. It seemed like it was in the "hood", but once inside, we had a lot of fun.
Parks was in absolute heaven touching and playing with everything he could imagine. He really loved the "bubbles area" and the airplane. I was glad we got an opportunity to take him to do something he's never done. I only wish they had more kid oriented activities here in St. George.
We also went down to visit our friends, Mary and Kelly, whom just recently purchased a home on the west side of Vegas. We went to dinner with them at Buffalo Bills and spent time with them. It was a lot of fun to go out just as adults. We wish they lived across the street again, but are excited for them and their brand new purchase!
I didn't take as many photos as I wish I would have... but here are a few.

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Cody, Tawsha, and Ashlee said...

have you ever taken him to creative minds?? its in st george and looks similiar to this place? its kinds fun!! it had a cool boy area but ash wasnt interested in that side at all..what did you ever find out about ODD? maybe every Irvine male has that..(chris, aaron, grandpa are who i'm referring to)