Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was going through Blogs, and I came across Leslie's page and she had written about another blog that she had read. It was one of the most amazing stories that I think I have ever came across. It was really neat to read about such an amazing family.

It really made me appreciate what i have in my life... My son and his health, as well as an awesome husband. The lord has blessed me and my family, and for that I am grateful. I think I need to work on being more appreciative for the trials in my life, and remember to have faith that it's all in god's hands, and that, in the end, it all will work out--- and it all will be OK.
If you would like to read about this story too, click on Audrey Caroline's page under my Pals section or just click here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Jade- I was born in Panarama, CA, in 1986. I had one older sister, who is 8 years older then me, and one brother who is 5 years older then me. We lived in California for two years, and then moved to the big island of Hawaii. After living in Hawaii for 5 years, my parents decided that the economy there was horrible and they didn't want to finish raising all of there kids there, so we moved to Utah, and have lived in Utah ever since. About 8 years ago my parents adopted 2 kids, who are now almost 18 and 12.
Funny Fact about me: 95% of the time I read magazines from the back to front.

Tyson- Was born in St. George, Ut, in 1984. He was also raised in St.George, and is the oldest of 3 kids...He has one brother who is serving a mission, and one sister who is now a senior in High School.
Funny Fact about Tyson: He says he's seen a UFO spaceship before, when he was a kid. haha

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chips Ahoy

Tyson and I went grocery shopping the other day... and Tyson loves his treats, so we bought this very bag of chips ahoy cookies! Well, when we got home, i opened the bag, and took out one cookie. Later that evening I was sitting at the computer when Tyson comes in and shows me that the seal on the chips ahoy bag has been opened, and he says to me "honey, look, the bag has been opened, do you think someone stole one of our cookies out of the bag at walmart?" haha... I just laughed..... and then confessed!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I think he's adorable!

We have lots of time together.... and I think he's amazing! :D

Bath time!

This is Parks' Favorite part of the day! Tyson is really good about giving him Bath's... But Tyson is lucky if Parks doesn't attempt to Pee on him. :D

Monday, July 14, 2008

The spider

Today, I was cleaning up our house, and i walked into our master bedroom, and I'm not even kidding, up in the corner near the ceiling, there was the biggest, most hugest, spider i have ever seen. It was like as big as a fifty cent piece.. I was freakin' out. I couldn't believe that there was a spider that big in our house... of course I jumped back and screamed! I was scared out of my mind! Anyhow, i couldn't figure out how to kill it with out it maybe pouncing on me. So, i finally came to the conclusion that i had to spray it with something from a distance. So, I brought one of the kitchen chairs in (I was not going to stand on the bathroom counter it could maybe get me that way), as well as the 409 cleaner, bleach cleaner, and antibacterial kitchen counter cleaner, and i drowned the spider in all three bottles of cleaner. It didn't move. So, i took just the bleach and started just spraying and spraying, and spraying... finally the darn thing started to crawl at me! i freaked... jumped off the chair, and ran out of the room... once i got enough guts to go back in... there was the spider... now on the COUNTER! UGH! I was so grossed out... but yet again, it started to try to crawl!!!! So, i grabbed the bleach again... and i attacked!! Finally it curled up... and that was the end of it's life! ha. But then I knew I had to clean it up and get it out of my house.. because what if some how, some way, it was faking it, and it came back to life. So, i got this really long piece of cardboard and pushed it into the trash, then threw the trash away OUTSIDE! YUCK! Longest story ever... but i thought you might enjoy! haha.. Maybe a good read for you! ;)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of JULY!

This fourth of July was really fun. Tyson and I got up and went to the EGG and I for breakfast. We are both really big breakfast fan's, and it was delicious! :D After that we went over to Tyson's mom's friends house, Kris', to swim and we had a really good time. It was nice to just relax and hang out in the sun. That evening we went to a BBQ and had some yummy Turkey Burgers... and then had some firework fun! So, it turned out nice.. here is a few pictures of the events! ;)

Tom and Stacey (Tyson's parents)::

Parks Getting ready to go play in the pool!::

Parks, He loves to be outside::
Parks, Falling over on the sofa!::

Tyson and I and my sparkler::

Tuesday, July 1, 2008