Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have any of you tried this?

My mother in law started doing weight watchers not to long ago and she's dropping weight like it's nothing. So I decided if she can do, so can i! So, I began last week on Tuesday and have been doing decently well. I am not going to lie, however, and say that I haven't snuck a few chocolates in there.. which were unaccounted for.

I think I may even dare to say that this "Diet" is the easiest one I have ever come across. Thus far I have lost 3.5 pounds. I think that's a good amount for not starving myself to death! =)

Tyson and I plan on expanding our family eventually so I am hoping I can follow this plan, at least a little bit, while I'm pregnant one day. This way I hopefully won't gain as much weight as I did with Parks. Ugh, to be pregnant and fat.. and feel like a beached whale. I don't think I'm really diggin' that idea right now.
In this picture ( below) I look  Enormous!! And my boobs.. sheez... where to even begin with my boobs. I know other people were thinking my boobs looked ridiculously big too.. even though they didn't tell me that. I'm certain they thought that. They almost looked as big as my belly. haha. Oh, the joys of being a woman.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Life has been busy.

Tyson's Brother, Trevor, Just returned home from his misson in Chile. It's been really nice to have the entire "Irvine" Family back together again. He has seemed to have a adjusted really well to being back. 

Tyson is working for Morgan Pest Control now, and he really loves his job. He has also started on his Volunteer firefighting & he couldn't be happier. I am still adjusting to his pager, as it goes off a thousand times a day.... including all night long. Sometimes at night I'll almost fall asleep and then *beep beeep beep beeep* Ugh.... that's when I want to throw the dang thing outside and smash it with a baseball bat. Tyson has gotten use to it and reminds me often that "I better get use to it" as well. Parks thinks it's a phone and holds it up to his ear... He'll giggle and pretend he's talking to someone on the other end.

Speaking of Parks::: He has grown intellectually!! Ever since we got tubes in his ears and he's able to hear it has been amazing. He talks so much more and understands double. I am loving that I can finally communicate with him. Right now he's obsessed with any and ALL animals, and of course Guns! Any kind of gun! He has a bunch of water gun's that his Gramps gave him, and then last night he took a toy gun from my mom's house and slept with it last night. He's such a goofball. I've been trying to potty train him a little bit, or rather, introduce the potty to him. He is still confused about the whole thing, but I'll keep working on it.

I'm working at Salon Sienne, and thus far have really enjoyed it. It's such a laid back salon. Something I totally needed and love. The salon itself is gorgeous. I love the decor.

Anyhow, this is just a small update on whats new with us.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

SO busy!! Vaca time!

Tyson and I went to Cali with my side of the family.... all of us wen't except for Victoria, my little sister! =/ She had to work and wasn't able to come with us. It was a much needed vacation for us and for our family. Our Vacation started out our Lake House in Paso Robles, CA. The cabin sit's on Lake Naci. We did a lot of swimming and boating. Parks loved being outside all the time and spending time with his cousins. After 3 days at the lake, we left the lake and wen't to a town called Solvang, it was just over an hour away from Lake Naci. It's a danish town, with lot's of shop's. We stayed in my dad's time share... free place to stay-- major plus! ;) We wen't to the beach from there... Parks liked loved the beach... He chased the seagulls up and down the shore, and yelled "AWESOME!" or in his version "awes-eh" =) hehe.I had such a blast. I'm so glad we wen't. It was really nice to get a way and spend time with the fam damily! So, I have a thousand pictures that i took. I think I got a little bit picture happy, so for your veiwing pleasure: ENJOY!