Thursday, March 1, 2012

Parks says:

Parks dancing around the living room.....
ME: Parks, go to the bathroom..... stop holding it...
Parks: I don't need to mom, nothing is in my bum...."

5 Years.

There has been a few times that I have looked back on my life and realized how lucky & blessed I was to have found my husband when I did.
I met him in August of 2006, which was the same month my cousin got married. I remember attending her wedding, and being so ecstatic for her, and for the love that she had found. I also can recall thinking that one day, I would really like to have that same bond with someone... little did I know, that was just around the corner for me.
From the time I was really young, it was important for me to marry someone who wanted very similar things as I did. I wanted someone who would encourage me to be active in church, and someone who held the priesthood. Tyson was both of those things... and before I knew it, he was asking me to become not only his best friend, but his eternal companion. He brought me back to life and gave me many things to be excited, optimistic and goal oriented about.
March 10th is our official anniversary, but a few weeks ago, on February 16th, we decided to celebrate our lives with one another and go on a quick cruise.
Our cruise left out of Long Beach and went to Ensenada... We had a really good time relaxing together and remembering why we fell in love with one another. We went to hilarious comedy shows, took long naps, slept in, had NO obligations, laughed a lot at our own jokes, and ate LOTS of delicious food.
Here's a few pictures of our adventure.