Sunday, October 18, 2009


We've been really busy lately.
But, I've just realized I haven't updated much at all lately.
Horrible. I know.
So here I am typing away at whatever comes to mind to update "THE blog".

Parks is 17 months now and is signing and talking more and more lately. I love it. It really excites me to see him learning so much. He climbs up and on EvErYThiNg. Church has been more then a challenge. He hates to sit still and throws his snacks, bottle, etc. =/
Lets all seriously pray that he grows out of the stage of being a total bum at church soon!
We recently purchased one of these toy cars for him.
(no thats not Parks in the Car) haha.. but he LOVES it. He pretty much lives in it. Tyson takes him outside and pushes him around. So entertaining. :)

Tyson has been busy working to get on Volunteer Firefighter. He passed his physical test and this next week he'll have his oral test. I'm so proud of him, and he's so excited. He's been going hunting off and on lately and loves it. I sure hope he shoots a deer soon though so this whole hunting extravaganza will just be over. We should be getting his mounted deer from last years hunting season back soon. =/ I suppose that big deer will be above the computer in the computer room. Just lovely.. =/ Thats just what we all want. A deer staring at us as we are on the computer! =) haha.

I've been working, doing hair. I love some of the girls I work with. They are seriously so fun. It's been nice to get out of the house. We just celebrated my 23rd birthday and Tys' 25th birthday. I baked mini cupcakes that were delish... and some amazing peanut butter cookies. I had a very small get together with some of Tyson's closes friends. It was more or less a surprise for Tyson. He was pretty excited about it. :) I have finally found the best cake for cupcakes. Seriously amazing. I am so proud of the recipe! I still have yet to find the best frosting. But I'll keep my eyes wide open for it. I think It'd be so fun to own my own bakery/diner. But.. maybe in my next life! ;)

Anyhow.. this is just a little of what we've been up to...

until next time!