Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If you haven't heard yet.

Tyson and I are expecting our 2nd child.
We are both really excited to expand our family.
But excited.
This baby is due the first week of April... and even though April is only 7 months away, it feels like much longer.
I'm thinking about doing an all natural birth.. possibly a home birth. It's a big step for me. So, I'm looking at my options and feeling them out a little more then when I had Parks. 
Now that I've been through child labor I am not as nervous as to what to expect. 
I will be attending some classes on child birth, Bradley Classes, and then from there I will decide further, as to what I want to do. 
I do already have a doctor in place as of right now. I'm using Doctor Lunt, the same Doc that I used with Parks.. and I liked him quite a bit, I just never really saw him, as he's SO busy with SO many other deliveries. 
Tyson doesn't really care what I decide to do. He supports my choice either way. 
So, I suppose we'll see what we're going to do when we get a little closer and we've attended some classes.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sportsmans with daddy.

Tyson and Parks were at Sportsmans yesterday, and Parks saw a cot.
Parks *pointing to the cot* : "Whats that daddy?"
Tyson: "That's a bed"
Parks proceded to lay his head down on the handlebars of the cart and pretend to snore.

Today Parks was in our shower taking a bath while I was getting ready for the day. I looked in the tub to check on him, and found him pretending to shave his legs with his leg up on the side of the tub.....
hmm.. wonder where he learned that? =)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Parks says:

Today Parks was playing on the back of the couch. Semi standing on the coffee table..

Parks: Daddy, I falled. I hurt. I falled.
*Parks still hanging on to the sofa, hasn't fallen, but has lost his grip on the cofee table*

Parks walks up to me holding the tweezers, smiling, and trying to tweeze the center of his brows.. mostly just poking himself.

 Parks jumping on the bed in the master bedroom.
Parks farts.
He says "oh, faw-ted momma"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well said Advice.

Jarica had this on her blog, and I really liked it, and thought I would share it as well. Enjoy.