Monday, August 29, 2011

Parks says:

I dropped my flat iron on the floor in the bathroom...and this is our convo:
Me: Oh, man...
Parks: aw... snap!

Another Conversation with his dad:
Tyson: What's your name?
Parks: Parks Irvine.
Tyson: What's your brothers name?
Parks: Tracen Irvine.
Tyson: What's Daddy's name?
Parks: Tyson.
Tyson: What's mommy's name?
Parks: Mommy.

Parks is starting pre-school today and I am really really excited for him, but I have to admit, I am a tiny bit sad that he's getting so big already.
He is one of the most stubborn kids alive. I'd bet on it.
He still carries a toy with him quite often, and doesn't want to ever leave it's side.
He tries to "wrestle" with Tray quite often, and I have to remind him that he's being too rough with his brother.
He loves to jam out to music in the car.
Sometimes he'll walk around the house on all fours and pretend to be some kind of animal.
He has recently named his favorite dragon, Camden, Camden the Dragon.
His favorite color is red.
He has conversations out loud to himself quite often : "Guess what? We are going to Gammy's house in a little while to play.... dat will be so fun, huh? Okay.. go get your shoes"
He loves to watch cartoons in the morning.
He'll only eat cereal if it's dry... no milk in it.. and pretty much only golden grahams.
I often call him P-Monkey, because he can and does climb everywhere.
He loves to take showers.
Wants me to sing "Silent Night" to him STILL every single night, AND prayers with mommy & daddy.
His prayers usually go exactly like this : "Dear Heavenly Father, in da name Jesus, Amen" -- nothing in between.
He likes to be in charge.
Favorites: Busses, Rv's, Diesels, Planes, and of course Tractors!
Parks is a lot of fun, but such a little handful, and I'm so excited to see what this school year will bring with him.