Saturday, January 28, 2012


Good day!

I know, I know, I am fully aware of my slacking off lately. I am rather disappointed in this.
Things just haven't seemed to slow down at all lately.

Where to begin?

In the last six months:

-Tyson has received a raise and has gotten promoted at Morgan Pest Control, He is also still a volunteer fireman and has recently gone on a few "structure" fires. I use to get a little nervous about these fires, but not so much anymore.... He totally loves it. He says it's an adrenaline rush, and beyond rewarding when they have an opportunity to save someone's life. Tyson is going to school this semester, and hopefully will be able to get a degree within the next year or so.

- I have continued to do hair at Salone Sienne and I honestly do love doing hair. It's not always an easy job-- achieving exactly what the client is shooting for, however, when I make someone feel beautiful, it's totally worth it. I am also working for DB Systems in Hurricane. I mostly list items on Ebay for them ( and I get to do this from home) But occasionally I work in the warehouse on random things. I am grateful for this job... it's really nice to be able to do this from home and make some extra money. I am also the enrichment coordinator for church. I have a full-blown love/hate relationship with this calling... but, non-the-less, it's coming along okay.

- Parks is still going to Pre-school and he really loves it. He loves riding the bus, loves his friends, and really loves learning. He has improved on many levels but of course, he IS still 3 1/2 and can be troublesome. I relish the opportunities I have with him where we have full conversations about the new things he is interested in, new friends, new favorites, etc. He often surprises me at how quick-witted he can be for his small size. He adores Scooby-doo, Dino Dan, and Umizoomi right now. I say, right now, because these 'things' seem to change on a regular basis. Parks is such a handsome little boy. He has exceptionally long, thick eyelashes and gorgeous brown eyes. I've wished many times to have those beautiful eyelashes.

- Tracen is now 10 months old and is such a chub lub! I could easily eat him up with kisses all day. He is a total Momma's boy and I have thoroughly enjoyed this. Parks is/was only that way when he is/was tired, sick, hurt, etc. My little Tray-Bug is starting to walk but isn't as steady as he sometimes thinks he ought to be. He has probably gotten way more goose eggs then the average ten month old. I'm sure of it... Poor kid. Tracen loves to eat, and eat, and eat... oh, and eat. He outright loathes bath time and will spend forever playing the bath. Right now he is teething but does have his bottom two teeth already. He is into mimicking right now and will try to mimic almost anything we do... He blows raspberries like nobodies business, and has started to babble. He can say Momma, Dadda, and of course: no. =D Tray has the most adorable dimples ever. Every time he shows off his tiny two-teeth grin his little dimples pop out -- or in. ;) I am crazy about them.

Anyhow, so here's a slight update on what's going on. I will try to work on keeping up a little more.. Especially with photos!!