Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools! =D

Today was my dad's 50th birthday, and also April Fools Day! This morning I met my sister at my dad's work, and her and her kids had brought 50 black balloons and candy with them. They had already decorated his office while he was out...and him and i pulled up at about the same time. He was surprised, but i think very happy that we had thought of him. I cant believe that my dad turned 50 today though, i remember when it was his 40th birthday. It's crazy how time flies!!

Here's a few fun photo's of this evening! Happy birthday dad!!

*Sadie, Paris, and my dad.... the girls must think it's not only his birthday but theres! ;)

*My mom and Dad together... my mom looks sleepy!

* He looks a little concerned about something?! haha...

Last year on April Fools Day i fooled Tyson pretty good. I got him with a pregnancy test that i just happen to leave on the bathroom counter.... I had a friend, whom was pregnant, take the test! After reading positive he freaked, and i laughed! :D haha. I didn't get a chance to get him this year..... but maybe next year.

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