Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here we go.....

These photos are backwards, but you get my drift. "P" loves to empty drawers! ["P" is what we refer to as Parks-- It's been that way since he was born-- So, If I write P now you know why. I wont repeat this a thousand times, You know, the way Rachel Ray does about E.V.O.O.--YES R.R., We know it means Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!!] Anyhow back to my scrumptious love. He has been the brightest light of all in our life and such a delight. It's amazing to see how much he is learning every week. He likes to babble.... more then the average 14 month-- I AM SURE OF IT. In Church today he was yelling at the people behind us in what we call his own "Japanese" language. They just smiled and nodded...Which made me think..... "Sir, yes you--sitting behind us-- Parks, may or may not be saying something worth smiling and nodding to." You never know what could possibly be going on his tinniest little brain.

Anyhow, Today was pretty nice, Well the weather-- not so much. WAY to hot, makes me feel as though my thighs and pits are unimaginably sweating.. like I could fill an entire bath with my own sweat. Sorry for the details, I guess I could have spared you....Or not. :)

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Daryl and McCall said...

haha I laughed so hard at the Rachael Ray comment. I HATE when she explains that over and over!.....and also when she says "Yum-o". She thinks she is creating a new word, but actually just sounds stupid :)