Thursday, May 1, 2008


Last night my friend Jacy had her baby! He's 8 pounds 16 oz!! So, he's a real big boy! =D I'm so jealous and ready to have our baby! Seems like time is passing by more and more slow, and my feet are getting more and more swollen by the day! YUCK!

I spent the day with Paris, my niece! She makes me laugh constantly.... she helped me vacuum out my car, as well as wash the car! It was nice to have a little helper around! =D
Here's a couple photos just to show you how adorable she is! Love ya Pear!

*She didn't want me to take her picture....but....i did! :D *



*She wouldn't look at me :D*

*G-Unit ;) **Her and her brother, Jagger! They are both a ton of fun!*


ry and kels snow said...

hello! you two looked so cute at church! I hope the little boy comes soon and all goes well! add me to your blog so i can see cute pics of parks!

shawfamily said...

I heard you guys had your little boy! Congrats.. that's so exciting.. I can't wait to see pictures.. hope you post some soon! have fun being new parents.. it's the best scariest thing ever ha!