Friday, June 27, 2008


Parks is SIX weeks today! Time has really just flown right by! He is starting to smile more often and has really been a lot of fun! I ordered that book "baby wise" in hope of getting him to sleep a little longer, but my book still hasn't arrived in the mail yet, bummer! I hope it comes soon! :D

Today my brother found out what his wife was having, a girl! My brother really wanted a boy-- but I guess it's not up to us! ;) My sister is also having a girl... and my both of the girls are due the same week... kind of exciting!

Today I also started back at the salon, it turned out to be a pretty good day, for a first day back. I'm only going to be working on Friday's there though... which will be nice to still be at home with Parks for awhile! Gotta love the little guy! ;)

This summer is a little different for us then our usual Summer's since gas prices are nuts! =/
We were hoping to be able to go to California with my family or some friends at the end of the summer. My family owns a cabin on a lake in central California... and it's fun to spend time there for a week or two. Unfortunately, it's a 8 hour drive!! =S So, maybe next summer we'll go more often. However, we are going to be going to Powell for the 24th, I'm really excited for that. We'll be staying on a house boat with Tyson's family, and the Kraupp Family, as well as a few other families. I'm excited... Tyson needs a vacation from work!! :D


Nadine said...

isn't so nice when the little ones start getting into more a routine and interacting more. so fun. i know what you mean about the gas prices. we had a san diego trip planned, but i'm not sure if it's in the budget anymore. we are going to powell the 24th too. but we'll be camping. i hope my kids don't die of heat. maybe we will see you there. what salon are you working at?

Alisa and Sky said...

i didnt read the book baby wise, but my sister told me about it and i started using the principles when nate was like 6 weeks and he slept through the night for the first time at 7 weeks and 2 days! So i say the book works :) The 24th is skylers birthday and that week we are going up to powell too!