Monday, August 18, 2008

Every day......

Parks likes to be held some times, so the other day I was cleaning my house and he wanted some attention (to be held or played with) so I told Tyson that I need one of those sling things that ya wrap around you and carry your baby in around the house. So, I jokingly put Parks into his beach bag and took a picture of it..... He was getting mad after a minute though... It was kinda funny... but maybe kinda mean of me.. Poor kid. haha
Parks and his tummy time. He's getting a little frustrated lately because he's trying to push himself up, and he's not quite strong enough yet... but he sure looks cute!

His favorite thing in the world is his swing!


The Vogt's said...

I miss the tummy time when they can't really get around and make a mess :) I love the picture of him in your beach bag! It's really cute

shawfamily said...

that is so sad about that little girl.. I hope everything ends up okay and she recovers fully that's so scary. Cute pictures all of them:) I can't believe how quick time goes by.. parks is already growin up it's crazy.. Looks like you've had a fun summer. Ps that's so scary about the ants.. I"d be so freaked out .. ahh.. well have fun