Friday, August 29, 2008


I never thought it would be hard to be a "stay at home mom" and it kind of is some days! I admire those mom's who have been one for years! I try really hard to keep myself super busy-- and some days I do amazing and I don't notice the time at all! I know it would be hard for me to work a lot more now though, because I have a really hard time leaving my son with someone other then family! I worry far to much! Maybe I should get back into scarpbooking or something like that to keep me a little bit more busy!! I do work one day a week... and I'm very glad I do. I would actually like to work at least two days... but oh well. I am not complaining either... I'm grateful that I get the opportunity to spend lots of time with my son. =D I was just wondering if there are other mom's out there who feel the same way as me some days!?! :D


shawfamily said...

Jade I'm right there with ya.. and I'd lay odds many other mommies probably feel the same way.. it's bitter sweet. I love love being a mom and am so grateful that I even have that option cause there are many who'd love to fill those shoes... but it is hard.. you do have "those long days" and it trys your patience.. etc..but then another good day rolls around and your little one does something so cute or accomplishes something and and you get super happy that you're a stay at home mom and you didn't miss that.. and it makes everything seem so much better:) glad we are gettin together tomorrow .. think it's fun to just have some girl time:) see ya tomorrow.. thanks for putting it together.. you're an awesome girl!

Alisa and Sky said...

yeah i feel the same way! I work 3 days a week usually but i wish i only worked 2. There are days though that i just sit at home and i am so bored! like today :) time goes by so slow and i count the hours until skyler gets home! The post about your hubby was fun to read! You guys remind me a lot of skyler and I.