Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday Night Date!

Tyson and I went to Tuacahn to see

and we both liked it. The main Character, Huck, did a really good job!

*** I love date night ***


Kasidee said...

Hey how are you guys doing? James and I went to see that with some friends a couple of weeks ago and had lots of fun. We were a little shocked by the language a couple of times but understood that it just took place in a whole other time!

Malea and Parx said...

It was really good to see you guys! Parks is getting so BIG and he is so cute! We will have to get him and Parx together more.

ORMSBYS said...

Thanks, we are way excited to have a baby!!! Your guys little boy is adorable!!!

Alisa and Sky said...

I love date nights too! They are the best! We have not had one since nate has been born...we have family nights, but not a date night! I need to call up my mom and have her babysit so skyler and I can go out on a date night!

I heard Lacy had her baby. I think i am going to go bring her dinner and a present for her baby one night next week. If you can, you should come with me and we can count that as our visiting teaching :)