Tuesday, November 11, 2008


6 Quirks of Mine
1. I talk to myself at home out loud... especially when we're getting ready to leave, I'll grab things and put them by the door and then out loud say "okay...." and then go on to get the next thing.. Tyson teases me about it.
2. I'm afraid of heights, bugs, creepy crawlers of any kind, snakes, and seeing spirits... although I've had that happen before. I'm also very scared of someone breaking in my house when I'm home alone.
3. I prefer my own home cooking to a lot of restaurants!
4. I really wish I could be a public speaker... and I often think I could do it.. but I'm scared out of my mind to get up in front of people!! I'm getting better!
5. I have to rub my feet together in order to fall asleep... at one time, I think this annoyed Tyson.. but he's over it now.. I also sleep in what Tyson calls "the cave" I have a body pillow on my right side, two regular pillow lined up on my left side.. and two pillows at my head. Love it!
6. I'm addicted to Mario. I've already beat all the games on my Nintendo DS so I need a new one.. I totally love it though, it's so entertaining.

So the 6 people I tag are: whoever.

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