Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cellular telephones.

I don't think I know a single soul (over the age of 15) Who doesn't own one.
I recall back in the day when people thought they were bad "A" when they had a phone hooked to there car. I even think my barbie car had a fake cell phone attached to the center of the vehicle. That way even Barbie could call Ken when she was out and about. 

Now I really think there are many pro's AND con's to these bad boys. I mean, do you ever get totally sick of Betty Sou, Farmer Joe, and/or your mother/father calling you off the chain? I know I do. Sometimes being alone, and having some peace and quiet in the home is ridiculously delightful. It's moments like this, where I'm at ease relaxing with the son where BAM 

" Ra Ra-ah-ah-ah
Roma Roma-ma
Oh la-la
Want your bad romance" 
Goes off. 
Dont hate- it's lady Gaga, and Yes, that's one of my ringer's.
And the first thing that goes off in my head when I hear the ring is... ugh, I don't feel like talking... call back another time.... *hit ignore*

But in the same notion... I love to chit-chat, giggle, converse, and have something to call someone on if it's an emergency. Never do I want to be stuck somewhere with out service... That would be undeniably horrible if I was in a bad situation and could not call out. 

So none the less.. I suppose I will say "Amen" to cellular telephones and I guess we'll keep you around for the long haul. As long as you promise to never go back to the "brick" style.

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*~*JamieAnn*~* said...

Hint...get a separate ringer for people...e.g. I have a really annoying ring tone for my parents and if I don't feel like talking I ignore the!