Friday, January 22, 2010

I love 4??

I have this, well I guess you could call it a "problem", where I rub my feet together or in a pattern of some kind in order to fall asleep at night.
I've been doing this since before I can remember.
When Tyson and I were first married it would bother him a little bit-- but now I think he's gotten use to it.
So, lets get to the point of this story... The other night we were both laying in bed and I was rubbing my foot on the top of Tyson's foot and began writing letters to spell out things on his foot. This is our conversation:

Tyson: Are you writing letters?
Jade: yup.
Tyson: I- L-O-V-E-4???
Jade: *starts laughing* What else could a 4 be? 
Tyson: What? You wrote a four.
Jade: No, it's a "U".

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