Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Trying to stay on top of our crazy little life... Can not believe we are already getting into June!

My mom and older sister:

Parks has been attending Special Education for behavioral children for the past year. He has grown dramatically and we were so grateful for the opportunity he had to attend the school. Below are a couple photo's of his "Graduation" performance.


Tracen thinks he is at least a year older then he really is. He always wants to be so independent and such a big boy. I worry about him on occasion because he has no fear!

I have been wanting to grow Tray's hair out, but because the sides were longer than the top I decided to trim up the sides. He looks so big now with his new haircut! 
His new thing is also toothbrushes, and wants to suck & chew all over mine! =/ Teething!

Parks is totally into reptiles lately and I am the biggest baby- so luckily his grandma is such a bad "A" and caught this lizard with him. He was so thrilled.. I was actually a bit worried about the lizard because Parks was squeezing him and tossing him around.

 Tyson's work paid for us to go on the zip line, so we took Parks. He LOVED it, and surprisingly was not scared at all. I, on the other hand, am super afraid of heights and thought I was going to die-- FOR SURE! As long as I didn't look down I was okay though....


 My older Sister just finished their backyard and pool. So we went over for a swim...
The water was a little cold and Tracen would hardly even dip his chunky little feet in. Parks and Paris swam together for a little while. I think I'll wait till' the pool warms up a little more!! :)

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