Thursday, January 31, 2008


I really cant wait for the summer! We keep really busy during the spring, summer and fall... but for some reason, it seems that our Winters are a lot more slow! This last year, Tyson has taught me how to fish, not that it's really hard or anything but i really love going. We went to fish lake, and also just to the fish pond in Washington. I love spending that time with each other. Although i know Tyson doesn't always love going, because he puts my worm on, and takes my fish off the hook when i catch them. I'm to much of a wimp to touch it all. I'm also very excited for us to be able to teach our son all of these things these next few years!! Anyways, here's a few pictures of us and our fun times. aw....memories! haha


Matt & Cierra Owens said...

I think I did something wrong with the invitation to your blog because now I'm listed as a contributor :)

jade16 said...

Jade your the cutest pregnant girl ever! I love your smile. Love ya tons and hopefully you think of the babys name sooooon....Baby T is going to be soooo cute. lov mom