Sunday, August 17, 2008


Seriously, I don't know what is going on in my house! I hate CRITTERS! I have such a fear of bugs it's getting ridiculous. I just had our house sprayed about a week ago, and on Thursday as I was cleaning my bathroom I looked down on the floor, and low and behold---there were ANTS!!! UGH! Most of them were dead or close to being dead and so to make sure they were all dead, i took my bathroom foam cleaner and sprayed the heck out of them. I did not want them to crawl on me-- or come out of the bathroom-- EVER! =/ So, I was thinking they were all dead and gone, and I was congratulating myself for killing off the ants and catching them in time.....and then....

I got up on Friday morning... was about to get in the shower, so i turned on the faucet in the shower... and all of a sudden-- ANTS come flying out of the spout!! I was freaking out!! After it seemed like all the ants had come out and gone down the drain i pulled the little lever to turn on the shower head.. and then more ANTS come flying out of the shower head!!! I was scared out of my mind! I couldn't even take a shower in there for fear of ants getting on me!

Anyways... they are all dead and gone now, thank goodness.. but it was a very scared moment for me!

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Myles & Amanda Grover said...

OH MY NASTY!!! hahah yeah joel came to our home that morning thinkin it was our house again. So what did joel do about the whole situation?