Thursday, August 14, 2008

From the 24th of July at Lake Powell

Here are a few photos of our adventure's in Lake Powell on the 24th. I apologize for such a late update!

Tyson and Jade:::

In love::

Tyson & Jade:::

Jamie, Tyson, Brandon & Parks::
Gammy and Parks playing in the water:

"P" ::

Tyson:: Jade::

Tyson and his Dad:: Parks sleeping:::

Parks ' cute little bum:::We borrowed this little bed from our friend, Jacy, and Parks loved it! I loved it even more because he used it day and night... and he couldn't roll out of it!

Tyson and his friend Brandon getting ready for a Fire Ball:::

We LOVE Lake Powell and we ended up having a lot of fun!
Thanks for the invite!!

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