Saturday, January 31, 2009


I got this off of my face book, but I thought It'd be fun to post it on here! Enjoy!

25 things about Jade

1.I have what I call "fat feet" or wide feet.
2. I have geographical tongue.
3. I love to cook & bake.. and If I could I'd love to own my own diner.
4.There are 8 1/2 years between me and my oldest sister, and 10 years between me and my youngest brother.
5.I was a nanny for a jewish family in New Jersey for 8 almost 9 months.
6.I'm addicted to reading others blogs and surfing the internet.
7. I absolutely LOvE the game Sim's and Mario.
8. I have to wiggle my feet or rub them on something in order to fall asleep.
9.I can pop my jaw out of place and open my mouth so it looks almost amazingly wide.
10. I have a potential bucket list! ;]
11. My grandpa Herb is my hero. r.i.p.
12. I'm incredibly interested in everyone else's drama but I don't want to be in it.Probably why I'm so intrigued in reality shows.
13.I color my hair faithfully.
14. I dance at home far to much... ha.
15. I don't care much for all.
16. I look up to my dad in ways that he probably doesn't even realize.
17. My favorite number is 16 because of my birthday Oct. 16th, and at 16 years old I think I had one of my best birthdays.
18. My memory is shot. I forget most everything.. and constantly have been losing my phone and wallet. Is this what happens the day you sign up to be a mother?
19. I'm scared to death of having one of my loved one's pass on..
20.I'm terrified to see spirits.
21. Since 7th grade I've had a best friend thats a boy.
22. I never really realized who I really was of felt comfortable in my real skin until after I had my son.
23. My nickname from my family was always "Jadey" or "Jadey Padey" and still at 22 years old my brother and my dad still call me that on occasion and I love it.
24. I love decor but I wish I was a better decorator.
25. I have a big scar down the middle of my chest.. It looks like a hook. When I was 7 or 8 I was playing outside and ran into a barbwire fence. =/


Alisa and Sky said...

That was a lot of fun to read! My memory is shot too! I think it is what happens when you become a mother! I can never find my phone or keys!

Jesse said...

What on earth is a geographical tongue? I've never heard anyone say that.

Reading this whole thing made me think back to fifth grade! I remember when my best friends were you, Kristina, Jacy and Clar (I think that was the group). One time Clar told me to go get some guy friends and I just ignored it :) She said she was sorry in sixth grade too. Childhood was great :)

Anonymous said...

This is says "me" cause I use the same profile for my binky blog & I don't want people to know my name on there:) I enjoyed reading that post, I learned alot about you:)Im definetly with you on the spirit thing! Spirits and aliens..yikes! Haha I think we do live by eachother, I will have to go for a drive and see if I can find your house but all the way over to 2450 East is in our ward so if you decide to leave the married ward and come hang out with the cool people we can hang out:)lol

Anonymous said...

You've been Baby Tagged, check out my page for the questions:)