Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Tag. =D

Baby Tag
1.Where were you when you first found out that you were pregnant? An old friends house. tragic. To bad I wasn't with my husband.
2.Who was with you? The friend. ugh.
3.How did you find out that you were pregnant? Pregnancy test.
4.What was your first reaction to finding out you were pregnant? Nervous/Excited/Anxious
5.Who was the first person you told? My husband.. and then we told our parents.
6.Did you plan to get pregnant? Not really..
7.Did you tell everyone else right away? Pretty much.. yes.
8.Was everybody happy for you? Yeah.. my mom was stoked, this was her 4th grand baby.
9.Did you go out and celebrate? No.
10.Did you want to find out the sex? of course.
11.What was the sex? BOY!
12.Did anyone throw you a baby shower? Yes.. my sister.
13.Did you get any outfits at the baby shower that you just knew you wouldn't put
on your baby? At every baby shower there are outfits that you think are a little nuts. ;)
14.How much weight did you gain? a lot. =/ I wont do that again. I was huge.
15.Did you lose all of the weight that you gained? Yes.
16.Did you get any stretch marks? Yes.. but they are back in style, right? That and cottage cheese! ;)
17.What did you crave the most? ice.
18.Did you crave anything crazy? No. I just loved the smell of fresh laundry.
19.Who or what got on your nerves? My husband. haha.. I was a little grouch sometimes.
20.Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? No. I just had weird things happen. I got hives!!
21.Where and when did you go into labor? At home.
22.Did your water break? No, they broke it in the hospital.
23.Who drove you to the hospital? My husband.
24.Who was in the room when you gave birth? Only Tyson.
25.Did you go early or late? Right on the date... May 16th
26.How long were you in labor for? um.... hard labor probably like 11-12 hours.. something like that.
27.Did you have any drugs for the pain? Yes!!
28.Did you go natural or have a C-section? Natural.
29.What was your first reaction after giving birth?I was just in awe.
30.How big was the baby? 7.8 lbs. and 21.5 inches long
31.Did your husband cry? He didn't cry.. but he got all teared up. It was neat experience.
32.What did you name the baby? Parks Adam.
33.Does his/her name have any significant meaning?Yes, He's named after my great grandpa.
34.Did you have any visitors? Yes.
35.Did the baby have any complications? Not really..
36.How old is your baby today? Almost 9 months old! Goes by fast.
37.When is the next one coming? Not until Parks is almost 3.
38.If you could, would you do it all over again? yes, but not to soon.
39.Tag five: Brit, Jacy, Alisa, Kirsten, & Jena!

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