Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Parks...and things.

Tyson and I decided to just do something as just the two of us, a few Saturdays ago. So we went four wheeling.. I was so cold! But, I must say I am getting a lot better on my four wheeler... I now go up and down hills with a lot more pizazz. It's kinda fun to hit those little jumps.

He was making fun of me.. ha.

This is Parks' new face when I say "cheese" haha. so cute.

I finally got a picture of Parks two bottom teeth. His top two are coming through right now.. But I wanted to document this event! ;)
Jade & her nephew Jagger:

Parks and his new toy: the tonka truck. He LOVES this little truck.

Parks riding on the tonka!
Parks and his new shades, some of these photos are kinda funny.. He's a wiggler.. so sometimes it's hard to get photos of him.. =]


shawfamily said...

parks is so cute... always so happy ! Glad you guys got to have a day with just the two of you. Seems like havin kids makes that a little more difficult haha.. were ready for one of those too:)

Anonymous said...

He has got to be one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen! That smile is to die for! Glad to see things are going good!