Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brooks Adams

It's now been about 7 years.. almost to the date of when one of my really good friends died. I was 16 years old. Brooks and I were part of a group who thought we were indestructible...but maybe thats just all 16 years olds!! Brooks will be someone whom I'll never forget. He impacted my life in ways that he probably doesn't/didn't even realize.
For those who don't know him, or know what happened I'll make it short... so that you understand the poem I'm going to put on here. [ I'm actually putting the poem on here for myself. I never want to lose it.] Anyways, Brooks was from Provo.. and he was attending Timpview High School when this took place. He came to Hurricane to visit me, and Casey [one of my really good guy friends] Brooks' entire family came down with him. They were staying at a hotel in Hurricane... I had seen Brooks about an hour before the accident... He was coming over to my house from Casey's and had decided to take a detour..... however, he never made it to my house. There were 3 other people in the car with him, and he thought it would be a good idea to see how fast his car could go.. so, on a road that he thought was a straight away ( and it was not ) he started driving really fast and could not make a turn that seemed to sneak up on him. The vehicle flipped. Brooks was not wearing a seat belt... and he was killed instantly. I had made it to the accident as the ambulance pulled up.... it was only a few blocks from my house.
I wrote this poem right after he died, on a random night when I couldn't sleep. I wrote it with out hesitation. The entire thing just seemed to flow...

To my Mother-
Jade Bussberg [maiden name]

I came to you in midnight clear,
Tried to tell you something true and real.
I whispered "Please listen, for I am as alive as you."
You looked at me with a smile, and I continued,
"My dear mother, I know that times for you are hard,
but please remember always who you are.
You are an example, a friend, yet a mother,
I hate to see you cry from heaven, don't worry, we'll one day be together.
I know you can't see me, though I can see you.
That doesn't change anything I still will always love you.
Please tell everyone that I said hi,
And please make sure my brothers and sisters work hard in life.
They deserve better in all that they do.
Don't let them go lower then they know they really need to.
I watch over them often, trying to help them to do right.
Sometimes they don't listen to me, but I understand, it's alright.
I know that I left you fast, and with out a goodbye.
I'm sorry thats how god wanted it to be that night.
I don't really understand because I didn't feel I was done.
I still wanted to be on earth, get married, have a daughter and a son.
I was pretty happy with everything in my life..
But I really never understood what happiness was like till' I gazed upon the lord's eyes.
Mom, I can't explain the beauty and happiness that I am all around.
I never knew there could be such a thing that could ever be found.
Mom, don't ever forget all the times that our family had,
These times will always be with you, don't let them make you sad.
Let them make you smile, for I loved to be with our family.
But mom, I better go now, smile for me mom, smile happily."
I kissed you one last time and then I left you there,
for soon you'd be waking up from a deep dream that we shared.

For some reason, He's been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe because it was just the anniversary of his death on the 6th.... I am not sure. But, I do know that I will see him again. Like the song says "God be with you till' we meet again"


Jake and Jarica said...

that is such a sweet poem! that would be so hard...i've never lost anyone i was really close to like that...and it's my biggest fear!

Kaspar said...

oh man, I remember when this happened. You were devastated! I remember going up to his car and sneaking through the fence and you grabbed as much as you could out of his car for a remembrance for you and his family. xoxo!

shawfamily said...

I'm sorry for your loss... but it's times like that, that make us reflect on our lives and the importance of why were really here! You wrote an amazing poem wow.. you're really talented!!! have a good day :)

Brooke B said...

Wow I can't believe it's been that long that's crazy..