Friday, February 20, 2009

Infamous bathroom

Most of you that read my blog know of my infamous bathroom!
First I've got a gargantuan spider hovering over me that I killed with Bleach cleaner, 409, Lysol, etc. Then I'm almost attacked in the shower by ants flying out of the shower head and tap! Now... Yesterday, I discover a freakin' reptile in the garbage can in my bathroom!!!!! Nasty! =/
But, let me back up.. I'll explain the story.
I have a radio that I often turn on, on low, while Parks is sleeping and I'm getting ready. So, as I am jammin' to my tunes I hear this "ch, ch, ch" noise. {the noise like a plastic bag is being ruffled up} I'm a little concerned that something is wrong with my radio... after pressing buttons on the radio I realize it's not the radio.. I walk deeper into the bathroom, and next to the bath tub and toilet... and BAM.. "IT" is in the trash can. I scurried out of the bathroom-- grabbed my phone and called the husband. He tells me to just take the trash outside.. but I AM NOT going to touch the garbage. At this point.. I'm thinking it's probably just a roach-- YUCK! So I go to the laundry room and grab my own killing supply-- bleach [Lavender Bleach to be exact-ha]. I climb on top of the toilet to insure that if "it" gets out of the trash "it" can not get me. I pour some bleach into the trash bag.. nothing happens. I kick the garbage... nothing happens... so, I climb down and all of a sudden "ch, ch, ch" happens again.... ugh.

FINALLY my husband gets home, and I ask him to go get the garbage out of the bathroom and take it outside. He takes the trash into the garage and starts to pull the bag out of the can... when this LIZARD [ YES, I SAID LIZARD] climbs up the bag. I scream. Tysons get's freaked out cuz' of my screaming... Lizard just sits there. It lived through my bleach attack. I asked him if he was going to set the Lizard free... He said no, cuz' he doesn't want it to come back in the house... so he put it in the big garbage... and thats the end of old "lizzy's" life.

I hate bugs AND reptiles!!


Myles N Amanda said...

HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! your living our life! i hate more than anything bugs and reptiles in a HOME!!!! thats why we live in a home to keep ugly things out! we tottally found 2 lizards in our bathroom and just recently found ants in the kitchen in OUR MASTER BATHROOM for the 2nd time! im soooooo sick of it!!!

Aaron, Kelli, and Kaylan said...

EW! I don't do well with nasty little creatures!

Ashley and David said...

I am with you , I hate anything that moves with more than two legs. YUCK! I am glad you servived

Megs said...

Yikes! We used to have a little problem with roaches. We would be asleep and wake up to hear a little "tink....tink". We finally realized that it was roaches falling from the ceiling into the light cover. Lizards though, are another story!

Nadine said...

you are so funny. you poor thing. you're going to be afraid everytime you go to the bathroom.

GabeandKatieBru said...

Groosssssss Jade!