Thursday, February 26, 2009

Challah Bread

I lived with and worked for the Berger Family.. A great little Jewish family. I was their nanny, for a two year old. It was a lot of fun.. but I had the opportunity to try Jewish foods! They eat a bread called Challah [ pronounced Hall-a] on shabbot a.k.a. there day of sabbath, and it's amazing bread. VERY tasty.. and I'm sure very fattening.. but I loved it. Anyhow, I called the Berger family in hopes of being able to buy or bake this bread, and he told me to just google a recipe. Unfortunately my results were not as good as the bread they have... so I was a little bummed. The bread I baked was good.. just not at all as good as theres. So, I think I'm going to have to call them back and get there recipe instead of using the one I found on google! Anyhow.. here was my extravaganza in pictures. If anyone has a good recipe for this bread.. let me know! thanks!


Karl & Leslie said...

It looks good! I hope you get the recipe you want.

the Millers said...

Hey Jade, Parks is getting so big! He looks like such a happy smiley baby! Girls are definitely fun, but every mom needs a little boy, too! I hope you guys are doing well! (and good job on the challah!)

shawfamily said...

k so that looks way yummy to me...:D you can experiment and then give me that recipe haha.. I'm a sucker for yummy breads and pastries !!! have fun

Steve+Jacy said...

for future reference.
when you are speaking about people you would spell {their} NOT {there}. if you are talking about an object/place it would be {there}. sorry, i just know that you dont like making mistakes. plus. it REALLY bugged me. haha.

but the bread looks yummy!!!
you should have brought some over to my house.
oh well.
maybe next time.
love ya jadey.