Wednesday, January 21, 2009

thoughts and things..

Things are going along as smooth as they can be right now.

Parks is sick.. but is getting better as the days pass by.
He has had croup (soelling?) and an ear infection.
I really dislike ear infections...
I really HATE croup.
It was a few hard nights and a few hard days and some shoving medicine into his mouth days, and then making sure he swallowed it all while he tried to wiggle away...
Gotta love the little stinker!

I have decided to take a small leave from hair.
I really do love doing hair I'm just not making the kind of money I wish I was so I'm going to work more nights waiting on tables for the time being.

Tyson has passed all his EMT test and I couldn't be more pleased.
I know he can do anything he puts his mind to.
He's very driven and I admire that in him.

I recently have made some goals for myself that I'm choosing not to write down because I don't want others to know if I fail! =]
They are all spiritual and moral goals. I hope to achieve them or improve upon them.
I'm grateful for all of the many things I have been blessed with and I feel that if I try to do better and show my heavenly father I'm trying that he'll know how grateful I am through my actions! =]

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.edwards-renner. said...

good job jadey, keep working on yourself, and always remember that you are only as good as your insides. i love ya!