Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Boys

Today was eventful. :)
We ran errands all morning. Both of you have been sick with colds. Parks, you have been sick for about a week now and are still coughing. =/ Total Bummer. I hate when you boys are sick.
Today, Parks, we went to Swig and got you your favorite ice to chew on, and a hot dog with a Root Beer from Costco. You delight in both of these. You often ask to go to Costco just for their hot dogs. You shared your hot dog with your brother and when you'd forget to give him a piece he'd yell at ya for some more! Your favorite thing is to pick on your brother. I have to say, though, I think this is a big-bro type of thing-- BUT I am hoping you grow out of it a bit! ;)
Tracen, you are such a goof. You generally consider yourself to be at least a year older then you are. You assume you are able to do everything your brother can do. It's no wonder you have a goose egg on your head and little tiny scratches on your hands. You are a little dare devil... and I am starting to worry that people are going to think I don't watch you carefully enough or that I abuse you. ;)
You each are very much your own person and it's amusing to watch each of your personalities grow and mature.
Parks, Mommy & Daddy still call you "P"-- along with a stream of other nicknames. However, you are not keen on the idea of anyone else calling you that. I think it's because your cousin teased you about your nickname. :)
Tracen, Mommy & Daddy often call you "Tray-bug". This seems to have stuck through all of your family, as your brother even calls you "bug".
Anyhow, here's a few a little notes from today... I will write more to you both soon.
With love,

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